Retro Sunday: Denmark 1981

Denmark has barely given us a dull moment throughout Eurovision history. So what better than to brighten a grey and gloomy November Sunday than this fab disco number dating back to the glitzy 80s when color TV was still the best thing that had happened since sliced bread:

It makes you wonder why this stylish pair of excellent performers only finished 11th in a field of 20, and this week it was revealed by the singer Debbie Cameron that there might have been foul play in action leading to this result. She claims that she was approached by a BBC executive at her hotel before the final who told her that due to political considerations it had been agreed upon a long time ago that UK’s Bucks Fizz would win. As a result all the other favorites, among them Denmark, Israel and West Germany, were sabotaged by the technicians during rehearsals. We don’t know if this story holds any truth in it, but you can read more about it in the book “Tommy – en biografi”, and yes, that’s the curly bloke behind the piano.

And regardless of the poor result and how this came about, we love this song and so should you, whether your hair is curly or straight!

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