Come what Mai for Slovakia

Slovakia sends a hot guy with an upbeat (metal) rock song to Baku, a combination which deserves immediate attention in the GEE girls’ HQ. What can possibly go wrong? Lots of things we quite reluctantly have to admit. It started up very promising. We virtually ate the promo pics of this guy when we first saw those published on the official ESC website. That’s one hot and yummy torso we dare say! However, after spending about five minutes drooling all over our iPads we sort of realized that he kinda looks like Continue reading

Red carpet extravaganza!

The official welcome party of Eurovision Song Contest 2011 went down on Saturday and since we were not there parading up the red carpet like we did last year, we have decided that it wasn’t half as good, and we probably didn’t miss out on anything. Most of the Eurovision celebs had thrown on their fanciest rags for the occasion, and let’s just say that some have a better sense of style than others…

Flipping through the pics from we can at least point out a couple of observations. The EBU photographer is clearly no fashion photographer, in fact, we wonder if he has even held a camera in his hands ever before. And at times we wonder if this is even taken from the right event as it looks more like some random guy’s Facebook album from a Halloween party he attended in high school. Good grief! Very well, here’s some red carpet highlights and lowlights for you.

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We are barely alive

When a duo of identical twins enters the ESC we really have to work hard to restrain ourselves from going completely ballistic with lame puns. And this year there’s even two set of twins? Come on, we are about to burst over here, there’s just so much material! We are however having second thoughts about this approach and after thinking it over twice we have decided to abandon this overly obvious journalistic angle for this review. Pew, good to have that one taken off our chests!

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Slovakia thinks twice

Slovakia caused a bit of commotion this year as to whether they would participate in ESC 2011 or not. First they were in, then they were out and then they changed their minds again, announcing that what the heck, lets give it another shot. And the more the merrier of course, we’re glad they reached the right decision in the end. We think Slovakia’s entry last year was brilliant, such a shame it didn’t work out as Kristina unfortunately failed to live up to the expectations by delivering a rather bleak live performance ruining Slovakia’s chances of reaching the final.

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Semi-Final 1

The rehearsals for the semi-finals have kicked off and with this, the speculations around which countries will proceed to the big final. We find the prediction game rather mind wrenching, and with the 50/50 jury and televote system it makes it even harder to guess the lucky 10 in each semi-final.

That’s why we will settle for choosing our personal favorites which according to our opinion, in a perfect world without war, global warming and Dutch schlagers, would snatch a ticket to the final. Amazingly we agree on most entries. We suppose we have brainwashed each other and have pretty much morphed into one person by now. Ok, nuff said, here’s our pick for Semi-Final 1! Continue reading

Can’t see the forest for the trees?

Congratulations Slovakia, this year you have nailed it! We had almost given up on the Slovaks, cause the four times they have managed to participate since 1994, they have given us nothing but rubbish. But with a dash of ethnic beats and a hint of traditional folk song elements, mixed with a couple of hotties on stage doing a rather peculiar dance routine, they’re suddenly on top of their game! Continue reading