What we noticed in the jury final for the grand final 2018

We hate to be stating the obvious, but you are finished. Don’t you know vampires should stay away from the sun? (pic by Thomas Hanses/EBU)

Yay, we are at the press center watching the jury final before tomorrow’s Grand Final. This is, as many of you know, the dress rehearsal with a live audience upon which all the juries votes for tomorrow are based, so it matters a lot how the artists are doing at this very moment. Fuckups have been known to happen before and we have been known to report them. This is what we noticed: Continue reading

Interview: AWS about Norwegian metal, being an eagle and the connection between life and death. Plus a comment from Norway that is not about Rybak at all

Earlier this year we hardly believed our slightly challenged ear drums: Hungary had picked a metal band to represent them in Eurovision? And they even had a key change?

Being from the country that invented metal, we needed a chat, of course. A sunny afternoon in Lisbon, we rushed out of being interviewed by some Norwegian media and they rushed out of hair and make-up ahead of the dress rehearsal and we managed to meet half way between the press center and the venue with a very stricked, armed Portuguese guard looking over our shoulders. Continue reading

Our 10 favorites in the second semi-final 2018

Could this be the new Godess of Eurovision? (Photo by: Andres Putting/EBU)

We got 7 out of 10 of our favorites through to the Grand Final. Let’s see if we can beat that tonight! We had a big row at Hard Rock Cafe last night to settle on a list, the fanboys next to us looked a little scared. Turns out we have changed our minds about a few since we wrote the reviews, click on the links see which ones. Continue reading

What we noticed in the dress rehearsal for the second semi-final

As the actual jury final tonight interrupts with our busy party schedule we watched the second dress rehearsal from the arena. Here’s what we noticed!

– Lord Jon Ola Sand, give me the votes to win again! (Photo by: Andres Putting/EBU)

Norway: The fact that Alex is currently third in the press center poll where everybody hates his song with passion tells us that he’s in with a pretty good shot at winning the whole shebang. Continue reading

Hottest Eurovision male, 2018 edition

It’s not easy getting attention as a Eurovision artist this year. After all, we are in the country where everyone from renovation workers to police officers to the average shop keeper look like they are replaced by super models, and we’ll more than gladly accept a body search by security guards. But we still have a few nice guys on our hands and we feel the responsibility for awarding them for that, of course.

The jury has worked long and hard, binging on Chardonnay and trying not to drown in any #metoo sinking holes along the way. But eventually we made our list. And here be the points of the real housewives of Norway: Continue reading

Some thoughts before the grand final

When we discovered the mask didn’t work, we decided to make use of the second largest Norwegian symbol: Our flag. Pic by Thomas Hanses/EBU

Hooray, it’s the national day of all fans: The day of the Eurovision final! As always it is a day of conflicted emotions, as it is also the last day of two weeks of fabulous celebration and partying with amazing artists and fans from all over Europe and Australia. And we have to leave the fantastic city of Kyiv tomorrow, which will be like leaving the newfound love of our lives. Also, we think the hunky guys at the fabulous Druzi café will miss us coming in every morning to cure our carefully crafted hangover with two eggs and an avocado smoothie and more black coffee than any Ukrainian has ever been able to order in one day.

Continue reading

Another win from Hungary

Hungary has had a special place in our Eurovisional hearts for a long time, with Bye Alex and last year’s Freddie on top (we wish). We actually considered going to A Dal this year, just to check out for ourselves how those Magyars were able to dish up all those fabulous entries and *cough* hawt men. But in the end we realised there was no VIP party after that national final, so we went elsewhere and saved our flair for charming Hungarians for Kyiv. Still we were really happy to see they managed to pick the right entry even without our assistance.

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Interview: Joci Pápai on one-man shows, singing in the shower and the value of a Romani boy from Hungary

He has a man bun already! This guy is set for greatness in Kiev!
He has a man bun already! This guy is set for greatness in Kyiv!

It is a funny thing this Eurovision. Here we were, confident Italy was going to win this whole contest and that Scandinavian countries were stuck in the recycle bin once again and that all the Spanish fans were bonkers yet again and nothing else interesting was in line for us in 2017. Enter Joci Pápai. A Romani slash Hungarian bloke with a traditional Romani slash hiphop entry we couldn’t stop listening to in a golden shirt with a dancer and a violinist. And a man bun!

We needed to speak to him immediately, of course.

– OMG, Joci. Congratulations on winning A Dal! We didn’t even dare to hope for such an amazing song for Hungary yet again! Did you expect to win or were you surprised?

– Thank you very much. I really believed in my song but I never dared to dream of being in the top 4 or winning. It was the biggest surprise ever. My loved ones encouraged me all the way, but I didn’t think it was possible for a Gipsy boy to win with such a crossover track. I am incredibly grateful for all the votes from the audience!

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Interview: Freddie on pioneers, kids and what he likes to do in the shower

Fil 13.05.2016, 13.49.42
– Hi, there, GEE girls. Wanna do some pioneering this evening?

Finally. After harrassing most of Hungary’s publicists on a daily basis for a few months and sleeping outside Freddie’s hotel since the 1st of May, we managed to get an interview with the fabulous Hungarian contestant. In a bar! Alone! We had a great private conversation, and here’s what came out of it:

– Congratulations on making it to the final! Were you happy?

– Yes, of course I was! I felt our performance was pretty good. To tell you the truth I felt like I did everything, and that “this must be enough”. Of course I was nervous, but I really believed in the song.

– So did we. We have been keeping a very close watch for you in EuroClub with no result. What have you been doing in Stockholm?

– We’ve been here since the 1st of May, so we’ve had time to go on excursions and cruises, which was highly needed to refill some energy. We also saw a lot of the city and it is breathtaking. I have never been to the Nordic countries before. I love the fresh air.

– Yeah, we have to work on our image, we know more than air. But don’t you want to sing and party with us?

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