Serbia in the left corner

All right, it’s time to take a closer look at the other Balkan ballad in the second semi-final. We may have accidentally given you half our review of Serbia’s Nova Deca when raving on about Montenegro the other day, but this little gem is turning out to be the gift that keeps on giving, so please bear with us and our ramblings. It’s all there really, crammed into three minutes. From the excessively long song intro and the proper use of traditional instruments to gorgeous women with pouty lips and lots of purposeful arm waving. The lyrics are of course being kept in the original language, and never mind the lyrics by the way, because chanting nananas and sorrowful wailing makes up most of the singing anyway. Continue reading

Montenegro in the right corner

You don’t know what you got till it’s gone, the saying says and it wasn’t until Eurovision was wiped clean of Balkan ballads we realized how much we really adore this genre. One simply cannot endure Eurovision with at least one, tear dripping, larger than life, big fat BB in the line-up and this year we will have TWO. Oh, joy. Proves to show beyond doubt that splitting up Serbia and Montenegro was the right decision. Continue reading

Hail, Cesár of Austria!

Among the many great things about being part of the Eurovision fan community, attending the international finals, going to preview parties and catching the odd national final somewhere in Europe every now and then is the chance to get behind the scenes. We cannot count how many fabulous moments we have shared over the years, jumping with joy on the dance floor at Euroclub, wailing along to schlagers, taking a selfie with Francesco’s gorilla and whatnot. We also get to hang out with some of the artists and we’ve met quite a few genuinely nice and interesting people, working both on and off stage as part of the different delegations. Continue reading

Business as usual in Ireland

So, the Irish released their entry for Lisbon this week and it’s every bit of disappointing as we expected it to be.

When talent show regular Ryan O’Shaughnessy was announced as the Irish entrant earlier this winter it caused nothing more than a collective shoulder shrug across Europe. Most fans have given up on the former Eurovision champion years ago. One would think that the current miserable state they’re in and four non-qualifications in a row would solicit a bit of serious soul searching on the green island, but we guess not! Continue reading

Fearless Finn Coming Through!

Last time Finland brought monsters to Eurovision, they won.

Saara Aalto was voted “The Most Positive Person in Finland” in 2017 which we suppose means she smiled at one point during that year. Whether it also earned her the right to represent Finland in Eurovision in 2018 we dunno, but YLE didn’t want to risk the chance of her ending as runner-up in UMK for yet another year. Having Saara onboard in Lisbon might not be enough to permanently change our conception of the Finns, but we can’t deny being a tad smitten with her bubbly personality. Continue reading

10 reasons why the Norwegian MGP final is FABULOUS

Alexander Rybak and a bunch of his closest friends all ready for their high school picture. Pic by NRK.

Hooray, our national final is soon ready to blow the roof off Oslo Spektrum. We think. Must admit we are not always super happy with Norway’s finals, but we actually think it is pretty good this year. And we’re not only saying that because we desperately want NRK to give us an accreditation for Lisbon. True story. We swear.

In fact, we’re mostly saying that because we were in the listening group that helped picked the songs for MGP this year, and if the result wasn’t good, who else to blame but…ourselves? NOT a blame game we like playing in GEE HQ. Also the listening group looked a bit like this:

Continue reading

Sink like a stone, Switzerland

Ok, peeps, we have a whopping 43 reviews to churn out over the next couple of months, so we better get on with it. Here’s Switzerland for you!

The Swiss struggle to get their s*it together on the Eurovision stage. It seems like they fail to understand that without the support of reliable bloc voting, they really need to stand out to get noticed. That they are in need something remarkable, like a woman with a beard, or a pixie girl in a LBD and cute mockney accent. And most of all they need a good song. Continue reading

What to expect from Malta elfejn u tmintax!

– Attention, everyone! Do we have the GEE ladies in the audience? We repeat: Any GEE ladies on our precious little rock?

OMG, it’s time for our favorite national final again: MALTA. And we have been way to sloppy on giving you updates. We are not even on our favourite Mediterranean rock at this moment which is no less than a scandal. But we follow it closely on our beloved Internet of course. And so should you. Here’s what to expect from tonight:

Daniel Testa is not in the show, which is scandal number two. Repeat after us, please: There should never be a Maltese final without Daniel Testa, just like there should never be a Eurovision final without Italy. Someone fix this situation promptly.

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