We Give Up On You, UK

Just to make one thing clear, if the UK ends up doing as badly as usual this year it is NOT because of Brexit.

It must be nice to have something to blame, but as long as the Brits keep telling themselves that they are doomed and will never score as well as they deserve in Eurovision there’s not much hope for improvement anytime soon. Perhaps a long hard gaze into their own navel should be called for instead of pointing the finger at mean neighbors.

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Let’s Get The Party Started, Israel

How many motivational messages can we endure to take in during a few lovely days in May? Surprisingly many, so it seems!

Having a closer look at the song lyrics this season we can only assume that quite a few of the contestants must have gone through a troublesome journey, overcoming a number of obstacles and battling doubts and fears while transforming themselves into winners, achieving the ultimate goal of representing *insert native country* in the Eurovision Song Contest. And when going through such a profound experience why not make a song about it? Continue reading

Ireland Trying To Die

So, what to do when the “throw a former boyband hasbeen on stage and hope for the best” tactic didn’t’ work last year? Cue enter another boyband star!

One should think that when something turns out terribly bad, the first natural thing to do afterwards is to sit down, analyze the situation and try to come up with ideas on what can be changed and improved next time around. But this is evidently not they way things work over at the Irish broadcaster RTÉ. We are starting to think all the smart Irish people immigrated to America. Continue reading

Another win from Hungary

Hungary has had a special place in our Eurovisional hearts for a long time, with Bye Alex and last year’s Freddie on top (we wish). We actually considered going to A Dal this year, just to check out for ourselves how those Magyars were able to dish up all those fabulous entries and *cough* hawt men. But in the end we realised there was no VIP party after that national final, so we went elsewhere and saved our flair for charming Hungarians for Kyiv. Still we were really happy to see they managed to pick the right entry even without our assistance.

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