What we noticed so far this Eurovision season

Robin Bengtsson found/became Jesus and bought a new shirt. It’s definitely Eurovision season all over again.

All right, so MGP is killing us. We know as good Norwegians we should be blogging about all those semi finals and how many wonderful artist that come out to play for us all around the country and how great it all is that MGP is getting so much attention for so such a long period of time. But then the NRK is not really touring the country, only a bunker in the outskirts of Oslo. And there are weird artists inside. Plenty of them to be precise.

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Eurovision 2019 – awards of the season

All right, so we’re beginning to cope with our Post Eurovision Depression Syndrome and come to terms with the fact that this Eurovision season definitely is over. When all the voting disasters have come to an end, that is. A lot of great things happened that hasn’t been awarded enough. So what better than to end this season with a few awards from the GEE jury? Here goes.

The Icelandic band Hatari plans on suing the Ukrainian broadcaster UA:PBC for the missed opportunity of interacting with this chick in Israel…we mean Palestina
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Interview: KEiiNO swipes the embassy floor with the Norwegian press

This is how we look like when we pretend we didn’t celebrate Norway all night, but instead had plenty of sleep and are ready to celebrate like proper grown-ups. Pic by the fabulous Morten Hegseth, who really should have been in the picture instead.

Hooray, today is the 17th of May – our national day, where we celebrate getting rid of Denmark and, eventually, Sweden. How very appropriate, then, that KEiiNO kicked it off right around midnight here in Tel Aviv by MAKING IT TO THE FINAL. Unfortunately, they had to bring aforementioned Scandinavian countries, but that’s of no concern to a group of three extremely talented people that can sing and joik Växsjö tabernacle choir’s socks off any day.

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Interview: Papai Joci on beautiful girls, the importance of fathers and what the world needs right now

We offered Joci to participate in his Gipsy band. Pic by Símon

OMG, we are so happy we sent our assistant to Jerusalem to stuff a note into that wall as it seems all our prayers are already heard: PAPAI JOCI is not only BACK IN EUROVISION looking as amazing as ever, but he also agreed to an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with us, probably because his fabulous PR agent Símon got sick of us bothering him 24-7.

Anyway, we met on a beautiful open space in Tel Aviv and had a great talk. It went like this:

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What we noticed on the fourth day of rehearsals

– To my left we have the Negev desert and to my right we have a giant hole in the wall. Please, GEE, can you send me some selfies to spike this up? Pic by Thomas Hanses/EBU

Another day of rehearsals wrapped up in Tel Aviv, and it is looking GOOD. We have now seen all the entries for the semi finals. The odds are moving all over the place and so are our feelings. But we noticed quite a few things anyway:

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Commentator’s corner: Jostein Pedersen about IKEA furniture, peeing time for commentators, who will win this year and who his heart beats for

One group of people walks among us without getting the attention they deserve. Without them, Eurovision would be a sad and lonely place. Without them, people outside of the press center gossip bubble would not know the meaning of half of the entries, not see half of the crazy details and not know who fights with who over what backstage. We are of course talking about the various countries’ commentators. This year, we decided to have a chat with a few of them.

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