Second Semi Final in Kyiv Tonight!

– GEE, why did I score only 5 points on your Hotlist? Pic by Andres Putting, EBU
It’s time to pick our 10 favorites to qualify for the final from the second semi-final. After countless vodka shots at Euroclub last night we’re perhaps not in a state where it’s advisable to make any sorts of decisions, but whatever, here we go! To read our reviews, just click your way through the list. Continue reading

What we noticed in the dress rehearsal for semi final 2

– Can you see my fellow singer? She seems to be lost on stage somewhere! Pic by Andres Putting/EBU
Time to get ready for dress rehearsal for semi final 2. As you probably know, there are two of them following each other, and the last one of them is the jury final, which the jury votes are based on. However, that crashes with our very important party schedule, so we can only cover the first one. This is what we noticed:

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Momento Mori, France

If only French Eurovision entries could be as entertaining as their politics nowadays.

The French were really on to something last year, with Amir being the most delightful, genuine and talented artist representing the once so great Eurovision nation in years. Arguably, the only thing that kept us from ending up in Paris instead of Kyiv this year was the French’s usual habit of messing up their staging.

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