Retro Sunday: Interval Act 1963

On a day like this it’s kinda hard to keep focus on Eurovision related stuff, as we have just spent the last five hours on the couch watching the Cycling World Championship. Only to see that annoying little twat Cav snatch the victory in front of the lot, again! But we have to admit it was deserved today, what a team effort from the Brits. And as it turns out, the peeps from the UK knows how to combine the best of two worlds, bicycling in Eurovision! Watch and rejoice:

Retro Sunday: Ireland 1987

It’s the morning after. GEE bloggers are suffering from severe post Haba Haba injuries after practicing that dance just a couple of times more than we should have. We need a debrief. We need something calm. And soothing. Something that won’t make us throw our arms in the air. Thank you, Johnny Logan. You are almost like a meditative yoga class:

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