First impressions from the first dress rehearsal of the second semi final

ukraine ebu andres putting
– No, no, no, Andres Putting, don’t come any closer! Pic by EBU/Andres Putting

Yay, we remembered there were 18 more songs to go and just saw the first dress rehearsal for the second semi final. It is also brewing up to be a great show, of course. The undisputable highlight being our favourite Schlagerboys appearing on the big screen, driving around in a taxi, which we’ve heard is shady business in Stockholm. This is what else to expect:

01 Latvia Justs Heartbeat

Has shown a vast selection of leather jackets, so it is a bit disappointing that he chose the black one for the stage. Maybe he should borrow Poland’s stylist? Other than that, douze points for effort. Will be in the run for best performance in the final together with Hungary’s Freddie.

02 Poland Michał Szpak Color Of Your Life

After the Bosnia & Herzegovina disaster in the first semi final, we are happy there is at least half a cello left for Poland. Michal wants people to sing along, and we can now reveal why you know that melody so easily: it echoes the riff of “I will survive”, which is a message we keep repeating to ourselves every morning these days. Clever little thing that Captain Jack Sparrow. Continue reading

Hurrah! Second semi-final coming up!

Oh, please! Get a room!

Tonight is a big one coming up for us as Norway is on, and no less than FIVE of the guys on our hotlist. We recommend a bottle of Chardonnay, Valium and an oxygen mask within reach. If all goes well and we don’t pass out with overexcitement before the Czech Republic sings, we hope we will be able to celebrate the following ten countries going through to the Grand Final (click on the links to read our review):

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Slovenia showed up

Every year we see a red hot pre-contest favorite crash and burn in the semi-final. The proverbial fanwank who pulls a Kate Ryan. The one everybody said deserved to pass through. The dead-cert qualifier, the top 10 tipped, the bookie favorite, the OGAE fan poll big scorer. This year we fear it’s Slovenia.

This fate is never bestowed upon the worst song in the contest; usually it’s rather a good one. Most people quite like it, but no one seem to love it enough to actually vote for it. Perhaps everybody thinks that everyone else is voting for it so why bother? Maybe its failure is just caused by an unlucky break. A string of unfortunate coincidences.

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Grand final: Fun facts and what to expect

“In the beautiful, Norwegian village of Bryne you can find a piano like this in every home”

Yay, the grand final is rapidly approaching in Copenhagen! We just watched the jury final, and here’s a heads up on what to expect:

1.Ukraine: Tick-Tock sung by Mariya Yaremchuk

Struggles to impress us with a man in a hamster wheel. That’s nothing but a nice try when Greece has THREE men on a TRAMPOLINE.

2.Belarus: Cheesecake sung by Teo

Thank God the final at least has one song about cakes. Claims to not be Patrick Swayze, which is great as he never would be able to lift us anyway.

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You cannot believe what was going on in B&W Hallerne today

There were rehearsals. Actual, real rehearsals! With artist in clothes! Well, sort of anyway. Here are our first impressions from the second semi final:

1. Malta is definitely coming home with us

Malta’s performance was once again steady as a rock and we’re starting to get that winning feeling. And attention! If you look closely, you will see a selfie of us and Marco Mengoni as a part of their stage backdrop. We are very happy to be up there with the loves of our life during such an important moment in history. Oh, and yeah, we are also glad that 130 million viewers get to see our friendly faces, of course. Vote for us, Marco and Malta. It’s number one, peeps.

“And to the right we have an image of my favorite girls in Good Evening Europe. Do notice the fine details and carefully planned and coordinated outfits.”

2. Mei Feingold is still very angry

Half way through the song we just want to scream “WE GOT YOUR POINT THE FIRST TIME” back at her. Also, her stage backdrop looks like something from an adaption of a not so pleasant Cormac McCarthy novel. But thumbs up for effort and all.

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Last round for Slovenia?

Slovenia was the last country to confirm its participation in Copenhagen and by looking at their poor results the last decade or so we can understand their hesitation. In Malmö Hannah Mancini finished dead last in her semi-final, with an entry that actually stood out with its dub step influenced sound. Which happen to be big the big new trend this year with frontrunners from Armenia and Hungary to mention a few.

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Straight into Slovenia

Since when did Slovenia become so hip and happening? After the monster fuck-up in Oslo and the misery they sent to Baku last year, we must admit to be pleasantly surprised by this years’ entry. Suppose it proves to show that diversity and new creative takes on how to approach this contest can just as well happen in a relatively small country with limited financial muscles to splash out. Heck, Slovenia has in many ways been a more interesting country in Eurovisional terms than the likes of Azerbaijan and Russia. The Slovenian entries have been crappy, yes. But at least they have dared to try and fail. Continue reading

Reduse, Reuse, Recycle

Exactly how many balkan ballads can there be in semi-final 2? At least a few too many apparently. Hopefully these will steal votes from each other so we’ll manage to get rid of a couple before the big Saturday final. And we wouldn’t mind shedding the Slovenian brunette edition of Christina Aguilera. What’s the deal with sending these X-tina clones anyways? Exit Maja Keuc and enter Eva Boto. Mega yawn. Continue reading