Final remarks after the final

It was a pity Andres Putting wasn’t around to take our picture, but we did our best in iPhone blue.
Time to face the facts: Eurovision season is over. We have again started wearing cotton and going to sleep before midnight, there is not a cheesy Georgian bread in sight and no journalist has contacted us for a comment all day. All that is left are tons of good memories and our gelnails, that apparently never go away. Should have googled this before entering that nail salon in Kyiv, but at least pink and turquoise is in fashion.

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Some thoughts before the grand final

When we discovered the mask didn’t work, we decided to make use of the second largest Norwegian symbol: Our flag. Pic by Thomas Hanses/EBU

Hooray, it’s the national day of all fans: The day of the Eurovision final! As always it is a day of conflicted emotions, as it is also the last day of two weeks of fabulous celebration and partying with amazing artists and fans from all over Europe and Australia. And we have to leave the fantastic city of Kyiv tomorrow, which will be like leaving the newfound love of our lives. Also, we think the hunky guys at the fabulous Druzi café will miss us coming in every morning to cure our carefully crafted hangover with two eggs and an avocado smoothie and more black coffee than any Ukrainian has ever been able to order in one day.

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What we noticed in the dress rehearsal for semi final 2

– Can you see my fellow singer? She seems to be lost on stage somewhere! Pic by Andres Putting/EBU
Time to get ready for dress rehearsal for semi final 2. As you probably know, there are two of them following each other, and the last one of them is the jury final, which the jury votes are based on. However, that crashes with our very important party schedule, so we can only cover the first one. This is what we noticed:

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Semi final 1 – awards of the evening

Australia is a little bit outside of the rest of Europe. Makes perfect sense. Pic by Thomas Hanses/EBU
Yay, tonight was fabulous, regardless of the fact that Finland and Iceland didn’t qualify. But let’s just blame that on Vladmir Putin for now. The arena is smaller than last year, and that makes it more fun for the audience. And that gives us quite a few awards to hand out:

Best jacket buttoning of the evening: Sweden’s Robin. We are so proud of you for managing to button your jacket all by yourself, darling.

Best superpower eyes of the evening: Australia’s Isaiah. If anyone tries to do anything scary in or around Eurovision, just let Isaiah have a look at them, We assure you, they’ll all turn nice in a second.

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Awards of the evening: Israeli party

So many freebies at the Israeli party. Even a trampoline!

Yay, yesterday was our first party at EuroClub. And what more appropriate than to attend the Israeli party, where they had great falafel, tons of performances by various artists and the best host ever to be seen on a stage in Kyiv. This is the one day a year where we are allowed to love Israel unconditionally, and we make good use of it, of course. Also, it was very good to do some dancing after stuffing our faces with at least half a kilo melted cheese in a Georgian restaurant.

We have some awards to hand out:

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What we noticed in the dress rehearsal for semi final 1

– Did you hear the GEE girls are finally in Kyiv? Do the happy dance! Pic by Thomas Hanses/EBU

Yay, we are officially installed in the press center, where great things have happened, aka the first dress rehearsal for the first semi final. We decided to ditch the jury final for this one as it crashes with the party of our dearly beloved Israel and a carefully planned meeting with a movie producer from Hollywood. But we’ll give you the highlights from the first one, as seen in the press center.

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Eurovision in Concert Amsterdam 2017 – Our Awards

OMG, the mothership of all preview concerts went down in Amsterdam last night and a record-breaking number of acts were there to show the fans and press what they have in store for us before the big event in about a months’ time. It’s like band camp for grownups really, and by the look of it lots of friend requests have been sent on Facebook and it will be one big happy family by the time we all meet again in Kyiv. As usual we have some awards to hand out, so here we go again! Continue reading

Israel Calling 2017 – Awards of the Evening

OMG, the Israelis sure know how to throw a great party, and yours truly were even cordially invited by the organizers of Israel Calling to join this year. Unfortunately there were things happening in our real lives that prevented us from jumping on that flight. But thank the Eurovision Gods for YouTube and our buddies over at for streaming the whole thing for us to enjoy in the comfort of our own homes! Here are the GEE awards of the evening: Continue reading

London Eurovision Party – awards of the evening

Are we sure we don’t want those other two to go to Kyiv? (Pic. by Stijn Smulders, EBU)

OMG, there are so many fantastic things happening in the world right now. Like did you notice spring is coming? And Easter hollidays well on its way? And EUROVISION pre parties STARTED! We are officially over our winter blues now. And wasn’t that a glorious evening in London last night? We have a lot of awards to hand out:

Best impersonation of Tutankhamun: Belgium‘s Blanche. Standing completely still on stage in what appeared to be a waiter’s uniform in black and white. Three things urgently needed before May: a dress, choreography lessons and a wee bit charisma. Luckily the voice is rock steady and all set for Kyiv.

Best neglect of most obvious prop: Poland‘s Kasia Moś. We mean come on! If you absolutely need to sing about a flashlight, at least have the decency to bring it.

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