Eurovision 2019 – awards of the season

All right, so we’re beginning to cope with our Post Eurovision Depression Syndrome and come to terms with the fact that this Eurovision season definitely is over. When all the voting disasters have come to an end, that is. A lot of great things happened that hasn’t been awarded enough. So what better than to end this season with a few awards from the GEE jury? Here goes.

The Icelandic band Hatari plans on suing the Ukrainian broadcaster UA:PBC for the missed opportunity of interacting with this chick in Israel…we mean Palestina
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Our night: Losing points from Benjamin, being terrorized by Madonna, hooking up with Michael and singing on BBC

Hurrah! Happy Eurovision day from the arena! Áfram Ísland, Heia Norge, Forza Italia, etc, etc.

Puha! After a few uncomfortable questions from Mossad about things such as what the actual f… made us cheer for Estonia all of a sudden, the exact position of Victor’s very interesting scarf at this moment, whether Gaza is Israel or… and why we haven’t helped recruiting members for Benjamin’s very empty government among the Eurovision fans, we made it out of our gated community also known as Israel and can fire up our freedom of press again and go back to wearing cotton.

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Our night: Celebrating Norway, being interviewed, hooking up with our favorite Moldovans and discovering important facts about IMRI

As we wake up to Eurovision’s last day, we felt a bit like Duncan after an encounter with a group of Wiwiboys, see illustration:

We’ve experienced yet another 24 hours of greatness, but are also a little tired after 7 days of no sleep, lots of vodka shots, profound shouting along to the artists’ performances in EuroClub, constantly being interviewed by media in various countries and actually doing our work as journalists for this website and the international media outlet of Namdalsavisa. Then again, it hit us that Victor Crone has been here for 16 days, and in addition to all of the above, he’s been rehearsing and serving us alcohol. What a stamina those PartySwedes have! Then they also have stand-in holograms, come to think of it.

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Our Verdict: Jury Final 2019

– We’re already three people here. The last thing we need is a camera man joining us (Photo by: Andres Putting)

The Grand Final is shaping up to be real corker of a show, chuck full of favorites in the first half, and come to think of it, the second half as well. Moreover, the national broadcaster here has been considerate enough to add a number of technical glitches and f*ck-ups which of course adds to the excitement.

Tonight is a big night where the jury will cast their votes, Italy will most likely once again do something to ruin their chances of winning, and we are of course in the Press Center to report about it. Buckle up!

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Our night: posing for fridge magnets, being unpolitical, joining KEiiNO and hooking up with Måns

Since we got up really early this morning to go to Jerusalem for lunch, we are a bit late in our reporting. But to those of you who think we’ve gone missing (hi, mum), we can ensure you we did survive yet another 24 hours of music, booze and insomnia. Here’s what happened yesterday. We think.

Working on making room in that sofa. Pic by NRK
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Our night: Upping the glam factor at the Nordic party, drooling over Victor and focusing on the most important

Iceland’s commentator, Gísli Marteinn Baldursson, also known as the Icelandic Fredrik Skavlan, was really happy to finally meet his biggest idols.

So, yesterday was great. We arrived in Tel Aviv, barely escaped the bloke in the ESC information booth at the airport after around 30 minutes of tips on how to gain weight while visiting and jumped into a cab for our apartment, which is ONLY 5 MINUTES walk from our office…we mean EuroClub. Then headed straight for the Nordic party at said office, where Morten our life saver was ready with our press passes so we could spend the next two hours ignoring all the attention-seeking artists around us in order to do our job properly, meaning grabbing as much free booze as possible.

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