We still love you, Sergey!

It was bound to happen, really. Russia has been teasing the fans for months with stories of our hero Sergey Lazarev’s participation in Eurovision. Sergey is probably the only man in the world who can sing schlager while climbing around on brightly lit IKEA furniture and still look amazing. We all feel he was robbed the first time around with his catchy show, swirling around in space.:

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Our 10 favorites in the second semi-final 2018

Could this be the new Godess of Eurovision? (Photo by: Andres Putting/EBU)

We got 7 out of 10 of our favorites through to the Grand Final. Let’s see if we can beat that tonight! We had a big row at Hard Rock Cafe last night to settle on a list, the fanboys next to us looked a little scared. Turns out we have changed our minds about a few since we wrote the reviews, click on the links see which ones. Continue reading

What we noticed in the dress rehearsal for the second semi-final

As the actual jury final tonight interrupts with our busy party schedule we watched the second dress rehearsal from the arena. Here’s what we noticed!

– Lord Jon Ola Sand, give me the votes to win again! (Photo by: Andres Putting/EBU)

Norway: The fact that Alex is currently third in the press center poll where everybody hates his song with passion tells us that he’s in with a pretty good shot at winning the whole shebang. Continue reading

The breakable Russian

She’s back again. And there’s not a Portuguese official in sight to stop her:

Here’s the thing: We get that it is hard to be Russian sometimes. You have your very impressive cultural legacy and you have all these amazing artists willing to give stellar performances in Eurovision and the only thing people care about is that you also have a president. Who decides wicked things you don’t necessarily agree on and certainly do not promote in your entry. Never mind that you almost won a dozen of times and the fact that you didn’t probably is due to other people also being great. In Putin town winning is the only option. If winning doesn’t happen, there must be something rotten in the state of Eurovision.

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10 reasons Julia Samoylova shouldn’t be allowed into Kyiv

Word was out earlier this month: Turns out Russian artist Julia Samoylova previously rolled her wheel chair into Crimea not only once, but several times.Totally not acceptable. And so the riots began. People posted online comments. Jon Ola Sand blabbered away about his political hangovers in the press like any regular American. The interest organization for the disabled supporters of the Russian annexation of Crimea loaded their kalashni…sorry, Facebook walls. And the Ukrainian bossypants drew up their paperwork, as if they never have done anything else in their life – which they probably haven’t, come to think of it.

Bottom line: Ukraine does not heartily welcome Julia in sunny Kyiv this spring. Here in GEE headquarters we fully support that. Hereby presenting 10 reasons why:

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First impressions from the first dress rehearsal of the first semi-final

Yay, we just attended the first dress rehearsal for the first semi-final and it is shaping up to be a fabulous show. Here’s our first impressions for you:

01 Finland Sandhja Sing It Away

We keep mixing this up with the Spanish song. Which is not a good sign in our book. Backing singers are sweeping the floor with their microphone stands. Hope they get paid by SVT.

02 Greece Argo Utopian Land

Those who think this won’t qualify are seriously deluded. Sporting steaming hot bloke who rips his shirt off towards the end. Opa!

03 Moldova Lidia Isac Falling Stars

We know we are entering into our final week psychosis when we look at each other in nodding approval for the Moldovan entry. If we can’t have Laika the lonely dog in space in Eurovision, at least we can have a hot cosmonaut doing a summersault on stage.

04 Hungary Freddie Pioneer

Stands on what appears to be a perfectly marbled entrecote, which is pretty great because we love a good steak! He’s quite beefy too, come to think of it. We’ll take him medium rare, thank you. Yum!

hungary first dress rehearsal ebu andres putting
Beefy Pic by Andres Putting/EBU
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Our night: Dining with our favorite schlagerboys, hooking up with our favorite artists and dancing with Helena Paparizou

Hooray and then some, we just refueled on mexican food and remembered we had a fabulous time yesterday!

We started our day in the press center, where we attended Latvia‘s and Poland‘s press conference. Michal Szpak looked great in his David Bowie sweater. We even got to ask him a question, which was such a sad excuse for trying to get ourselves on tv. But he told us his his soul was red and that he also liked Guri’s blue top, which was mostly white. And he said he wanted to touch us in the semi final, which is more than we ever dared to hope for.

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Hottest Eurovision Male 2016 Pageant

Finally. It’s the one time of year when we get to focus on the most important thing in our life: Who is the best-looking bloke in Eurovision?

The jury had a hard time this year. There were a lot of great applications, and many argued their case well, which once again reminded us what a great year 2016 is for fabulousness. In the end we just had to share a bottle of pinot and get down to business. The jury has taken the following criteria into consideration: looks, charm, style, shaggability, social skills, likelihood of showing up in Euroclub and the ability to wear clothes while being surrounded by highly dangerous animals. Other than that, we have followed the strict EBU guidelines, of course, allowing gay flags, but not at all relating to any kind of politics. Everybody knows those politicians are boring anyway.

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Spasibo, Russia. We think.

Can we ever really love a Russian entry?

The question has crossed our minds a few times the last couple of years. After all we are engaged in politics and human rights in our regular life and we all know Eurovision is about as political as it gets. No kidding. Stuff a whole continent of countries with their own version of free speech and democratic values together in the most watched live tv show around, and expect nothing less. People will either love or hate you for who you represent.

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