Fun lovin criminal

There’s been some gangsta shooting going on in Oslo the last couple of days. They guy known as Norway’s most wanted multi criminal dude, AKA Uncle Scrooge the money maker, was shot seven times, and is fighting for his glorious life over at the hospital. Well guess what? GEE allready got several shots of this man at Telenor Arena on the 29th of May:

Scrooge even scored at Eurovision. This lady. And us. And Fabian Stang, we’ve heard.

Guess that proves once and for all that GEE always are ahead of things. What’s maybe a little bit worse, is that we talked a lot to this guy and thought he was such a nice fellow. We are a little afraid that accounts for our slight lack of judgement in matters not concerning the quality of Eurovision songs, i.e. the quality of men.

Well, from another perspective, we do like to believe everyone deserves a chance to take a time out and be happy during Eurovision. After all the contest is inclusive and everyone is welcome. And what do we know if this is a bad man or not? We mean, except for the fact that he has been involved in several serious crimes like the theft of the Munch paintings and some big scale drug cases. And that the police knows him as a member of the largest criminal gang of Oslo. We only know him as a Eurovision fan!

The rich uncle was somehow saved, and is now fighting for his life instead of being perforated in the freezer, even though he didn’t wear a bullet proof vest. That’s fortunate. We’re happy he probably wore a vest under his suit in May, though. Because how else could anyone survive cheering for Didrik this obviously in Telenor Arena?

We hope he gets well. Because no one deserves to die, especially not Eurovision fans.

Fun lovin criminal cheering for Norway with our flag in Telenor Arena. How very inclusive!

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