Visits to Miklagard

Turkey seems a bit stuck between the Vikings and a hard place these days. Almost fine by us.

Hello Turkey, we’re from Norway. We’re the ones who named your country Miklagard rowing over and bullying about as we were. We cannot, however, remember you doing the same for us. But maybe now your time has come? Surely that must be the story behind your entry this year? Continue reading

It's a shokka! Norway is out!

Thank you and good night Europe, it’s been a blast while it lasted!

Oh, well, it didn’t go Stella’s way tonight. We are so disappointed and a little bit shocked we must say, but there’s a lot of countries with crappy entries out there with a lot of good neighbors and the early draw and the sound problems in the beginning of the show didn’t exactly do us any favors. Regardless, we are so proud of Stella and her backing crew, they all did a great job and we couldn’t have asked for more!


Here are some highlights and lowpoints according to the GEE jury: Continue reading

Rock on Turkey!

We have to say we became a bit miffed when we found out that Turkey decided on a rock song for the second consecutive year running. We were expecting a return to some half-naked woman singing out of tune. In that regard, nothing could please us more than a bunch of butchy looking blokes who can actually both sing and play instruments. After all, we are rock chicks to the bone.

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Retro Sunday: Turkey 1985

Every Sunday we give you some of our favorite old entries to cheer you up a little extra and make you miss the glorious old days. Today we suggest the perfect soundtrack to accompany lazy, sunny summer days:

In the pre televoting days, Turkey didn’t do well with the juries, but this entry deserved a far better outcome. The tropical island sound mixed with oriental rhythms makes you just want to lounge by the beach sipping piña coladas all day long. Seeing the guys on stage with their dandy white suits and chic hats just adds to the summer vibe and we can’t stop smiling when listening to this happy go lucky tune. Pure bliss!

Turkish delights, anyone?

If there’s one thing we can envy Turkey in this competition it has to be their undivided patriotism. Regardless of the music genre, quality or winning potential of their entry, there’s an almost touching consensus from Istanbul to Hamburg that this year Turkey has the best song ever and most definitely deserves to win. After the introduction of the televoting system this voice has been heard and materialized into a landslide of points on the scoreboard.

Good for them, we’d say, cause Turkey has had a lot of great entries in the past that would have deserved a better outcome than the so called expert juries gave them. Those who don’t understand the ESC greatness of “Bana Bana” from 89 and “Didai didai dai” from 85, just to mention a few, should not be allowed to vote, in our opinion. Continue reading