Interview: Papai Joci on beautiful girls, the importance of fathers and what the world needs right now

We offered Joci to participate in his Gipsy band. Pic by Símon

OMG, we are so happy we sent our assistant to Jerusalem to stuff a note into that wall as it seems all our prayers are already heard: PAPAI JOCI is not only BACK IN EUROVISION looking as amazing as ever, but he also agreed to an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with us, probably because his fabulous PR agent Símon got sick of us bothering him 24-7.

Anyway, we met on a beautiful open space in Tel Aviv and had a great talk. It went like this:

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Interview: AWS about Norwegian metal, being an eagle and the connection between life and death. Plus a comment from Norway that is not about Rybak at all

Earlier this year we hardly believed our slightly challenged ear drums: Hungary had picked a metal band to represent them in Eurovision? And they even had a key change?

Being from the country that invented metal, we needed a chat, of course. A sunny afternoon in Lisbon, we rushed out of being interviewed by some Norwegian media and they rushed out of hair and make-up ahead of the dress rehearsal and we managed to meet half way between the press center and the venue with a very stricked, armed Portuguese guard looking over our shoulders. Continue reading

Interview: Mikolas Josef about playing in the street, living on the edge, hooking up with random Norwegian chicks in Karl Johan and…sex, basically

– In Czech Republic, this is how you usually hold the guitar. Pic by Ondrej Szollos

Getting an interview with Mikolas was a lesson in what can best be summed up with “that’s right, we got older and we haven’t done this for year”. We went straight to the interview rooms from the airport and signed up on a waiting list with a bossy guy that looked like Vladimir Putin’s life guard. There were loads of other fans pretending to be journalists there, waiting for their turn, and we took it for granted that they all were waiting for Mikolas. But as the excitement grew, everyone kept talking about Latvia and we felt slightly panicked. Luckily Czech Republic’s dishy head of press showed up to get us out the backdoor and save the situation, as talking to some Brazilian/Latvian chick about her spinal discs, camels and the content of her backpack could have been awkward. Continue reading

Fan of the day: Kylie Wilson

The ultimate fan behavior is traveling to as many national finals as possible and getting tickets for every preview party and every live show in May including dress rehearsals, says Kylie Wilson. Guess that makes her pretty close to an ultimate fan – or part of the Eurovision royalty, we’d say. Let’s present her to you:

– Name, age, where are you from?

– Kylie Wilson. 29. Wales, UK via New Zealand.

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Interview: SunStroke Project on visiting the night clubs of Ukraine, making babies and being an epic sax guy

In a year of bad news from various countries in the East, some messages are more appreciated than others. Like the fact that SunStroke Project are back for Eurovision! What a joyous moment in GEE headquarters when this was first announced. And in spite of a rather disturbing music video, we are still eager to see these funky guys hit the grand stage again. But first a little chat, of course. Delivered directly to you from the dark corner offices of Chisinau.

These days SunStroke Project are trying out new and exiting things. Like looking really grumpy whenever there is a photographer around.

– Guys! Congratulations on a fabulous win in Moldova! We are extremely happy to see you returning to Eurovision! What happened in your career since you left in Oslo in 2010?

– Thank you! Since we left Oslo in 2010 we have finished working on our second album. We have opened our music label Ragoza Music, opened our own sound recording music studio and of course made children.
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Fan of the day: Pierpaolo Tieri

– Music is a universal language, that must be used to unite us, says Pierpaolo Tieri. We couldn’t agree more. Also, we love getting to know all the different fans so we wanted to share them with you, so please welcome Pierpaolo:

– Name, age, occupation, where are you from?

– Hi Eurovision fans, I’m Pierpaolo Tieri, I’m 23 years old and I come from Atessa, Chieti, Abruzzi, Italy and I’m unemployed. I have been blind since birth. I use a vocal synthesizer that allows me to hear what’s written on the screen, except for the images and photos.

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Fan of the day: Bartłomiej Wasilewski

Time to look a bit further East for all the fans to be found there. Our focus on a few of the fabulous Poles in this competition over the years, has also introduced us some equally fabulous fans. This lovely fellah even cares about women’s rights, which is not always prioritized in Euro Club, come to think of it. Meet Bartek:

– Name, age, occupation, where are you from?

– I’m Bartłomiej, shorter version of my name is Bartek. I’m 23 years old from small town in Northern Poland called Biskupiec. Anyway, I study tourism at Univeristy in Olsztyn.

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Fan of the day: David Elder

Time to introduce the best Scotland has ever come up with. And no, we are not talking about Lulu or The Loch Ness Monster or single malt whisky. But about David Elder, of course. Quite possibly our favorite encounter ever in this contest. At least if we count Marco Mengoni out. If you haven’t met him you haven’t been to a Eurovision final, as he as been to them all. And nothing would be the same if he wasn’t there. Lads and gents, meet Sir David:

King and queen of Eurovision. We bet Celine still dreams of this moment. Lucky her.

– Good Evening, David. Tell the world about yourself!

– Well, Good Evening, Europe! My name is David and I’m a 6 foot plus Scotsman with dark brown eyes, size eleven feet and a pair of hips that just love to swivel in time with some good Scandi Schlager! Continue reading