Our Verdict: Jury Final 2019

– We’re already three people here. The last thing we need is a camera man joining us (Photo by: Andres Putting)

The Grand Final is shaping up to be real corker of a show, chuck full of favorites in the first half, and come to think of it, the second half as well. Moreover, the national broadcaster here has been considerate enough to add a number of technical glitches and f*ck-ups which of course adds to the excitement.

Tonight is a big night where the jury will cast their votes, Italy will most likely once again do something to ruin their chances of winning, and we are of course in the Press Center to report about it. Buckle up!

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San Na Na Na Marino!

Our departure for Tel Aviv is rapidly approaching and it’s time for us to wrap up the review season and start packing our finest feathers and sequins. This is right around the time when we enter our list making modus, of things we need to get done at work, things to pack, what restaurants to book in TLV, the hottest guys in ESC, etc. ect. We soon have to make a list of which lists we have to make! So, here’s a list of things we find absolutely brilliant about San Marino this year:

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10 reasons to love Australia. And 10 reasons not to

We’ve reached the entry in this year’s competition it’s impossible to agree on. Is Australia totally, utter crap or is it in fact a masterpiece of epic proportions? So after weeks of shouty rows over Facebook chat without reaching any sort of agreement, here’s the split vote for you from the Good Evening Europe HQ. You can figure out yourselves which is the jury vote and which is the public vote.

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