Our night: Eurovision preview with Queentastic

As Tel Aviv extravaganza is rapidly approaching, it is time to start upping our party mode, drape ourselves in polyester and get ready to take in all the glam, glitter, madness, drama and vodka shots that tend to go with. What better, then, than to join the utter fabulous Queentastic’s Eurovision show in Oslo’s Elsker?

Sadly, Astrid wasn’t able to hop on a plane from Bergen, so Guri had to hire our fabulous friend Kristoffer the songwriter as a stand in press officer. That also worked out pretty well for most of the men in the room, so we might consider a more long-term employment on this one.

Good Evening Europe. Now also with facial hair.

Our fantastic friend, idol, hero and all time favorite TV and radio presenter Jostein Pedersen made sure we had the best seats possible, ranging a bit higher than the rest of the crowd, which was most suitable considering our status in the Eurovision press, of course. Also, Jostein opened the ball, and we really think he is the Petra Mede of Norway. Or maybe it was the other way around.

Jostein Pedersen in his tux, dapper as always.

If you are stuck on a different galaxy and don’t know Queentastic, they are a Norwegian drag group run by Geir Lillejord, Dean Erik Andersen and Jon Anders Sundve. Queentastic also participated in Melodi Grand Prix in 2006 with the song Absolutely Fabulous, made by lord Thomas G:son, but lost to the disaster formerly known as Alvedansen. Don’t even get us started on that situation. We almost emigrated to Sweden because of it, goddamnit. And we might never forgive the Norwegian people for their lack of voting skills.

Nonetheless, we love Queentastic. They truly are utterly fantastic. Fabulous, even. Did we mention how great they are? For friday’s show, Queentastic performed no less than 61 Eurovision entries. Lip syncing to some, singing some themselves and doing fantastic performances with a costume change every single time. Also, they presented quite a few entries where they had made new lyrics and dared to be political. We heard that there were some complaints against this made to the EBU by various interest groups such as Northern chicks in white dresses with publicity issues, small men wanting to destroy MGP and Lesbians against transgenders, but they were all dismissed as Jon Ola was busy making peace in the Middle-East. Also we forgot our Nagorno-Karabakh flag at home, so some stability was secured.

There were at least 61 highlights of the show and we can’t make room for them all. But here are a couple for you:

That would be Nora Brockstedt, telling you how you are supposed to look like if you insist on bringing the sami people to Eurovision. Voi, voi to Keiino.
….and that would be Sverre Kjelsberg telling you the exact opposite
Carola partied like it was 1983
Dana International was really excited to welcome us all to Israel this year. Let’s go pinkwash!
Eleni forgot her clothes entirely
And this one forgot a lot of things
The lesbians joined us of course
There was a discount on chicken breasts.
And in the end these are the very best ones. Did we mention they are fabulous?

After the show, we were lucky enough to be invited backstage. Or maybe we trespassed, come to think of it. Nonetheless, we managed to create a couple of successful #metoo situations back there, one of the ladies proposed to Kristoffer and then they offered us to take some of the costumes to Tel Aviv, so it was all worth it.

We’ll invite you to the engagement party for sure
Off with the bra and on with the feathers and we are READY for Tel Aviv!

Guri spent the rest of her evening with our hunky male friends who were all wooing each other and buying her an extensive amount of alcohol to keep her busy. It is starting to look a lot like Eurovision. And boy, do we like it.

Thank you, Queentastic and Jostein Pedersen. You will always be our MGP and Eurovision heroes number one!

Making a strategy for replacing mr Viksmo Slettan. Wouldn’t we be the perfect Eurovision power couple?

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