Breaking news: Good Evening Europe on stage tonight

So this happened: Two years ago we were a part of the stage backdrop for Malta’s fabulous entry by Firelight. They wanted some selfies on stage to support them, and the GEE girls and Marco Mengoni immediately came to the rescue, of course. It looked a bit like this:

That would be us up in the right corner. We cut off that upper half for UK to use.
Then, when UK’s BBC decided they also wanted selfies to support this year’s Joe and Jake, we made it our mission to get that very same picture up on stage, as both we and Marco Mengoni are eager to support those little fellahs, of course. Did it happen? Yes, of course! It looks a bit like this:

Skjermbilde 2016-05-14 kl. 12.28.13
That would be us up in the right corner
Kind of hard to find images that focuses on this historical happening, but we’ll ask Andres Putting if he can help us maybe. Nonetheless, it feels really good to be up there with our favorite Walisians in one of the most important moment of their lives.

Go Joe and Jake! And look out for us!

And if you want to see the famous picture in all its glory, here it is:



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