Thank wiwiboys for Romania

– Remember our agreement now? We vote for you, you keep shut at Wiwijam! (Pic screenshot from Wiwbloggs interview).

That Romania should be a proud country. Not only did they give us count Dracula, Nadia Comăneci, Alec Secăreanu, marvelous bottles of Feteasca Negra and a mesmerizing Transylvanian view. They also gave us, Mihai Trăistariu, Cezar, Paula Selling and Ovi Jacobsen…Or wait, WE actually gave Romania Ovi Jacobsen, come to think of it, but Romania did supply his groundbreaking circle piano.

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What we noticed as we hit Eurovision season 2019

Finally! After months of TV time wasted on women clad in red and trapped in future New England, KGB spies pretending to be American suburbians and bodyguards sleeping with middle-aged, British MPs. After a long time with nothing else to fight about than whether Donald Trump was worse today than yesterday, whether Sweden is going to find a government in time for next Melodifestivalen and whether the EU is better off without Great Britain, just like the rest of us. After countless parties with polite conversations, careful mingling and not a sequin or toilet doll in sight, we hit Eurovision season.

Oh, how we welcome these days of pure joy, lilacs and laughter. How we long for dishy men in hotpants, bitchy boys from Sweden, instruments never seen outside of Eastern Europe and WTFs from Spain. How we cannot wait for the next attempt to conquer the world from Italy. And how we cannot wait to start satirizing about the people’s democratic republic of Israel! Continue reading

All entries, semi final 2

Watch all the entries for semi final 1 in Tel Aviv as they are ready with links to our reviews when they are finished.




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The Netherlands

North Macedonia



Read our review: “We still love you, Sergey!

Thank you for the party and here be the awards of the Norwegian jury

Dressing up and cheering like crazy for Norway in the press center when there are hundreds of journalists present. Always the best way to get ourselves on TV. PIc by TV 2
This day was inevitable: Eurovision is over. Lisbon has gone South. We have started wearing cotton again, our hair is all flat, we haven’t been interviewed by a single journalist for 24 hours, we listened to music that was not representing a country, we read a newspaper article that wasn’t about a country’s contestant in Eurovision and there is not a dishy head of press in sight to provide us with lovely boys to chat with.
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What we noticed in the jury final for the grand final 2018

We hate to be stating the obvious, but you are finished. Don’t you know vampires should stay away from the sun? (pic by Thomas Hanses/EBU)

Yay, we are at the press center watching the jury final before tomorrow’s Grand Final. This is, as many of you know, the dress rehearsal with a live audience upon which all the juries votes for tomorrow are based, so it matters a lot how the artists are doing at this very moment. Fuckups have been known to happen before and we have been known to report them. This is what we noticed: Continue reading

The Big 5 + Portugal Reviews 2018

– Hey, Ermal, the GEE ladies are to the left. (Photo by: Andres Putting/EBU)

The Big 5 are looking quite strong this year, well except from the UK and Spain obviously. Quite unexpectedly we do not think that neither Spain nor Germany will finish last this year, so it’s awfully nice of the UK to take over. Here’s our Big 5 and host country’s reviews nicely lined up for you: Continue reading

Interview: AWS about Norwegian metal, being an eagle and the connection between life and death. Plus a comment from Norway that is not about Rybak at all

Earlier this year we hardly believed our slightly challenged ear drums: Hungary had picked a metal band to represent them in Eurovision? And they even had a key change?

Being from the country that invented metal, we needed a chat, of course. A sunny afternoon in Lisbon, we rushed out of being interviewed by some Norwegian media and they rushed out of hair and make-up ahead of the dress rehearsal and we managed to meet half way between the press center and the venue with a very stricked, armed Portuguese guard looking over our shoulders. Continue reading