MGP – our favorite finalists and predictions

Wait a minute, you said what? The Goodeveningeurope women are NOT in Trondheim tonight? (Pic by NRK)

So, the MGP grand final is finally ON. Surreally, all our favorite Icelanders and gay friends are gathered in the city of Trondheim to see who wins the Norwegian final after what has seemed like an endless run of semi finals in a bunker in Fornebu. And where are yours truly situated for this grand extravaganza? At home with our mothers. Bad call. But at least there’s plenty of Romanian feteasca neagra and some pretty patient mothers involved.

Here’s what we expect to be seeing:

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Our Night: Courting the Stars on the Blue Carpet

After having such a blast at the Israeli party on Saturday we needed a bit of time to cure our hangovers, so if you checked our blog for updates about the Big 5 rehearsing in the arena yesterday, you are obviously hanging out at the wrong place in cyberspace. After spending a couple of hours on styling and make-up we were ready to hit the blue carpet. When we arrived we found out that we were not supposed to walk the blue carpet ourselves, but nevermind. At least the organizers gave us a stellar slot between the two biggest TV channels in Norway, NRK and TV2, so we did not make a scene. Continue reading

Semi final 2: awards of the evening

We do not have a flag. We repeat, that is not a weapon of mass destruction. Pic by no one from EBU. We hope.

Yay, that was one FABULOUS semi final. We are still high on Georgia or a naked Måns Zelmerlöw with woolf or vodka shots or all of the above, but we have a few awards to hand out, nonetheless.

Biggest cheer in the arena: The crowd during and after Australia’s performance. What a great idea of EBU to move Australia to Europe. It really saves us a lot of travelling time, so we’re considering spending New Year’s Eve in Sydney next year.

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Eurovision with the stars

Dancing with the stars is up and running in Norway, and this season it’s actually kinda great due to the fab crew TV 2 has managed to gather. There is even two former MGP participants still dancing – Stella Mwangi and Rune Larsen. We’re actually more than happy to stay home on a Saturday night, and especially so tonight. Because tonight it is show time. Eurovisional show time, in fact.

All couples will be dancing to Eurovision songs – everything from Diggi Loo Diggi Ley to J’aime La Vie to Hard Rock Hallelujah. We can’t wait to see their interpretation, although will be aware of the blasphemy of rather dull musicians performing the songs. But hey, you can’t get it all, and we’re confident the frocks, glitter and moves will be more than satisfying enough to make up for it.

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Oslo Flashbacks

As we are about to embark on a new Eurovision adventure in Düsseldorf, we just have to stop for a moment and reminisce over the great times we had in Oslo last year.

The hysterically funny and talented Humon has her very own take on the world, and Scandinavia in particular. Her account of what went on in Oslo during Eurovision 2010 is absolutely priceless, and we warmly recommend every Eurovision fan out there to check it out for a good laugh. Anybody else besides us who thinks this one is a bell ringer?

MGP, second semi-final: Live blog

20:00: There’s Anne? Or is it? Love the dress, absolutely hate the hair. She looks like…erm, can’t really figure out what she looks like.
20.02: Look, there’s Ovi! Good stuff!
20:03: Per Sundnes blabbering away.
20:04: We just can’t believe Ovi wrote that garbage song.
20:06: Man, that bloke is on steroids.
20:07: Oh, but do we love Pernille’s dress! And the song is a little better allthough lyrics still hurt.
20.08: We take that back as Pernille just turned into a cheerleader. And WHAT’s up with that gang in the background?
20:09: Jeez, Anne Rimmen, you are one boring chick for looking so good.
20.10: When did Per turn into a ranger? A gay man should know how to look a little bit better when chatting up four swell blokes like that.
20:12: What’s up with standing inside a house? We’re still not loving this. Gawd, please make ’em stop.
20.13: You are not dependable, man. Really aren’t. Cut your hair.
20.15: Finally Marika. But man, that dog is annoying.
20:17: Oooh, love the hat and the skirt. Really feel sorry for the man stuck inside a picture frame, though. 20:20: Quele quele opa, man. This is all of Eurovision captured in one song. Just like it should be. Go girl!
20:20: Oh no, 2 Unlimited again.
20:21: Christians coming through. We’re happy Isabella do not aim for the new Bjørn Eidsvåg position. One is more than enough.
20:24: That is one horrible outfit. Suits the song.
20:25: OMG, FORGET about that sand, will you?
20:27: Anne Rimmen still giving us very shocking information: We have now listened to four songs.
20:29: WHO cut Endre’s hair? Please fire that hairdresser.
20:31: Take your jacket off, man. You’re inside.
20:31: Please tell us we do not have four aerobic people in the background there
20:32: Still enjoying this. Kinda embarassing. And feeling a little cougarish.
20:34: Thank you Justin Bieber, see you in Spectrum.
20:35: Not looking forward to this. Hanne is so lovely, but the song really isn’t
20:36: Omg, that lovely, lovely dress. Please don’t start singing. Please, please, please….
20:37: Is this Anna Bergendal’s mother? The catastrophy is inevitable. Now we just wait for it to end.
20:39: We’re sure we can get you into p4, now stop.
20:42: Is MGP still on or did we accidentally switch to Top Model?
20:43: Baby, you are not all right. Nough said.
20:45: WHEN is this over?
20:46: We keep wondering if Anne’s hair is exported back to London. What happened there?
20: 47: Finished allready? But we haven’t heared anything we love yet. How is that possible?
20:49: We can’t understand who will win this. But as long as it’s not Isabella, we’ll survive.
20:49: Ready for Alexander Stenerud now. Our hearts start beating really fast. What number do we use for voting for him?
20:50: And omg, there’s Sigrid. She’s lovely. But can she really find a man in Florø? We think not.
20:51: Omg, there’s men in speedos!
20:52: Even firemen looks bad in Florø. Get out of there!
20:56: Look at us, Alexander! Over here! You know our heart is yours!  But you forgot to button your shirt, man.
20:57: Always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always we love you.
20:57: Oh, no. Cougar senior coming through.
20:59: Jeez, grandma Guri is one horrible chick. Get away from  Alexander!
20:59: Give it to us, baby!
21:02: Oh no, we’re not rid of Mimi Blix yet.
21:03: One more chance for Endre. Yay.
21:04: Get out of here! Who put Hanne in the final? WHY do we have to hear this one more time?
21:05: She’s cute and all, but the song, people? The song? Isn’t that important at all?
21:06: Oh, the horror, the horror!
21:08: Now we’re kinda happy Per Sundnes decided Helene Bøksle will win this year. Because that means this one won’t.
21:09: Starting to worry the Babelfishes will win
21:10: And they did. This is horrible!
21:11: FML, FML, FML, FML, FML, FML. Telly goes OFF. Good night.