Åustria pushing limits

PÆNDA has the most divinely beautiful voice, but not quite the song to go with it. How ænnoying. 

Austria has done quite well in Eurovision lately, of course with Conchita winning a few years back as the absolute highlight. Besides that, they managed to win the jury vote last year and bestowed “Loin d’ici” by Zoë upon us, one of the biggest post millennium fan favorites never to disappear from Euroclub’s A-list.  

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Lithuanian Safari

So, let’s see, this year Estonia takes us to Schlager land Sweden, Latvia invites us to swing by Nashville and Lithuania wants us to join them on a … safari?  

Ok, we get it, not all lyrics are supposed to be taken literally, and we have enough ECTS credits in literature and communication studies to know our way around metaphors. We even think Lithuania’s message this year about being bold enough to run with the lions is kind of fresh compared to all the worn-out clichés we usually must put up with in this business.

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