Semi final 2: awards of the evening

We do not have a flag. We repeat, that is not a weapon of mass destruction. Pic by no one from EBU. We hope.

Yay, that was one FABULOUS semi final. We are still high on Georgia or a naked Måns Zelmerlöw with woolf or vodka shots or all of the above, but we have a few awards to hand out, nonetheless.

Biggest cheer in the arena: The crowd during and after Australia’s performance. What a great idea of EBU to move Australia to Europe. It really saves us a lot of travelling time, so we’re considering spending New Year’s Eve in Sydney next year.

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Our night: A lesson in political uncorrectness

Fil 10.05.2016, 13.34.48
– Raise your hand if you want free booze!

So, last night was fun. We started off in Globen, where Cyprus, Hungary and Montenegro made us proud and Azerbaijan and Austria made us blush by the thought of showing this to the rest of Europe. Read more about it here.

Off to the Israelian party, after promising ourselves to have a quiet evening and go early to bed, which of course didn’t happen. We spent quite some time in the line outside together with Belarus’ IVAN, marvelling over the level of security and surveillance some uptight countries could pull off. IVAN remained cool and told us body searches also is the latest trend in dictatorships, but the guards did not take us up on the offer to search IVAN for them. Also, we told IVAN how happy we were that he started styling his hair in a manbun, just like we recommended him to on our blog.

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Highlights from the Red Carpet

Last night it was time for the opening party in Stockholm! With the plebeians kept comfortably at arms length, the Eurovision stars finally got to officially meet and greet each other. But before hogging into the free champagne and finger food at the swanky City Hall, they did their schlager duty and had a stroll down the red carpet to show off their finest rags and feathers.

We did of course miss our own Agnete, which was exactly to be expected. We offered to step in, but strangely we never received a reply to that email. Oh well, it’s their loss! As the organizers obviously preferred to keep us safely behind the barriers we made the most out of it and bellowed as loud as we could to catch the stars’ attention. Here’s a few red carpet highlights for you, with pics by yours truly and our buddies over at EBU.

Belarus red carpet
We were happy to see that IVAN picked up our styling tips and showed up on the red carpet without wolves, but with a manbun. Jared Leto might not be that well known in Belarus, but apparently they do read our blog over there. Photo by GEE

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Our night: Dining with our favorite schlagerboys, hooking up with our favorite artists and dancing with Helena Paparizou

Hooray and then some, we just refueled on mexican food and remembered we had a fabulous time yesterday!

We started our day in the press center, where we attended Latvia‘s and Poland‘s press conference. Michal Szpak looked great in his David Bowie sweater. We even got to ask him a question, which was such a sad excuse for trying to get ourselves on tv. But he told us his his soul was red and that he also liked Guri’s blue top, which was mostly white. And he said he wanted to touch us in the semi final, which is more than we ever dared to hope for.

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Final night: She truly is unstoppable! And so are we! We think!

2014-05-10 21.13.17
Yay, fabulous view to The Green Room

This is where we  start being melodramatic. We mean, we have just experienced a fantastic week of Eurovision extravaganza, we got a winner we could only dream of and a fantastic celebration of it all and suddenly we find ourselves dressed in cotton on our own filthy sofa without a Maltese knight in sight? Not cool at all.

Europe changed a little last night. Who would have known everyone from Italy to Georgia to Sweden could vote for the bearded diva CONCHITA WURST? We believe in humanity again now. Her thank you speech pretty much sums it up:

This night is dedicated to everyone who believes in a future of peace and freedom. You know who you are. We are unity. And we are UNSTOPPABLE!

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Our night: Semi final 2 galore

2014-05-08 19.43.39
The Maltese Cross is a symbol for our religious belief in fine men, Appalachian mountain dulcimers and twogendered Austrian divas

Yesterday we decided to not drink so much and not stay up so late. That didn’t work at all, of course. But at least we had a fabulous time as always.

We are still high on Conchita Wurst, who wrote a huge chapter of Eurovision history yesterday. Can we just say we have never experienced anything like the audience during her performance? The roof didn’t just lift, it exploded! And so did we! Currently the Norwegian tabloid VG is claiming Conchita is not a good singer, which pretty much sums up their incompetence, while we really believe she can win now. When someone asked her in the press conference if she would become a real woman, she answered no and that she is a real man. How fab! (S)he truly is a real and amazing person regardless of gender.

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Our night: Whisky with Azerbaijan and OGAE party

2014-05-08 00.53.20
“Hey, girls. Do you want to come home and see my collection of trampolines?”. We loved dancing with Teo from Greece last night!

Wow, did last night actually happen? We’re not sure as way too much alcohol is still struggling to leave our body.

We started our day as most wanted Norwegian media whores. The number one thing Guri never thought she would have to do was to look a reporter from Norway’s largest newspaper straight in the eye and say “No, I am not Petter Northug’s girlfriend”. That’s what you get for trying to say something about sport when everyone knows Eurovision is what really counts. Oh well, at least she used the opportunity to praise Iceland and show how hard we are working at the press center. Since it is currently the most read news story in Norway you know who to pay for your points on Saturday, Pollapönk.

2014-05-07 14.40.45
The great reporter of Aftenposten, Arve Henriksen, was completely star struck when he ran into his favorite Eurovision bloggers in the press centre.

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Our night, semi final 1 galore

Oh, what a fabulous day it was yesterday! Having finally arrived on Danish soil, and moved into our very posh flat in Vesterbro strategically close to Euroclub, we hurried out to the glamorous Eurovision Island to catch the first semi-final live in the arena. The fan tickets for all shows cost us pretty much the size of Moldova’s GDP so there was no way we were gonna miss out. And whatta show it was! We were absolutely blown away by the stage and the Danes did what they do best, being cheeky and fun with just a little pinch of smugness.

Having attended the winners’ press conference after the show we were whisked away by the shuttle bus to Euroclub where the party continued into the wee hours.

Here are a few snap shots:

2014-05-03 21.03.10
We spotted Conchita’s car outside the arena. Even though she’s a great advocate for the acceptance of facial hair we figure she might be a little more meticulous on maintenance in the regions further down below.

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Thank you, Malta, elfejn u erbatax

2014-02-09 00.56.57
After they saw how two Norwegian girls conquered the oh, so fortified Malta in just a couple of days, Firelight decided to add them to their group. Now the big question remains: Who has to go?

Ah, what fabulous stay we’ve had in Malta. This year we decided to ditch our own country and go to Malta for their national Eurovision final because we know they always have a lot of good songs and we’ve heard so much about how dedicated the glorious Maltese are to Eurovision. Safe to say, we were not disappointed.

Did we ever feel so welcome? Did we ever meet so many beautiful people? Did we ever see so many great artists in one national show? Did we ever meet so many nice men way too small for us? And did we ever drink as cheap wine? Probably not. As sad as we are to leave, our wettest dreams now would be the winner Firelight winning not just our hearts, but the hearts of the entire Europe so we can all go here and have a ball next year. We can think of nothing better.

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Final night. Unfortunately.

2013-05-18 20.56.15
Our seats for the evening were carefully selected to get the best possible view of the fabulous behinds of many of the male artists.

Yay! We had a blast last night even though neither of our favorites did win. After all, it’s only teardrops, and we are super happy we get to go to our favorite city Copenhagen (most probably) next year. Here’s a summary of yesterday for you, written in a state of after shock caused by two liters of vodka, two hours of sleep and six cups of what only Starbucks would call coffee.

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