Our night: DMGP final at Ballerup Super Arena

Ok, so our night didn’t really show up on this blog the morning after. Safe to say, we did need a couple of days to recover. After all, our favorite blokes in A Friend In London did win, and the Danes do know how to party. Two things that certainly did set us a bit back for the next couple of days. But hey, that’s all right. It was all worth it. Just take a look:

We made some posters for A Friend in London, so that even they could cheer for A Friend in London. And then Guri decided to replace the lead singer. Well done!

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DMGP Final night – Live blog

16.10: We are situated at the Danish fan club party after a day of recovering from. last night and making posters to cheer for A friend in London. Just learned that A friend in London is a favorite to win. Wow, that’ll make our posters happy! Also trying to participate in the quiz about DMGP history. Not working out so good. Reckon we hav 2 out of 26 correct answers. Not good for our expert reputation, that.

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So. Here we are situated at the press party for DMGP people, night one. Observations this far:

    Hooked up with the Schlagerboys, which of course was fab
    Even though we are at a very trendy club in Copenhagen, the music will never even be as trendy as in rural Norway, say Trøndelag, and that’s really untrendy, peepz. In addition, no Eurovision songs are being played at a Eurovision party

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Danish expectations

Oh, we are all so super excited about our Danish DMGP adventure this weekend. Such a great country. Such great seats in such a great venue. Such great parties we are invited to. Oh, joy.

The only thing we are a little bit disappointed about, is the time given to prepare and learn songs by heart. We mean, we haven’t heard all songs in full length YET. Because they are not all available. That’s weird, guys. Oh, well. At least we should be happy for the things we do get, right? And the good thing is the songs are made available on You Tube as they are presented on the radio station P4.

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What's cooking in the state of Denmark?

Last Thursday, the GEE-girl whom is currently stationed in Copenhagen attended broadcaster DR’s press conference where the ten acts to compete in the Danish national final DMGP were revealed and presented. We still struggle coming to terms with the rubbish song they scored a 4th place with last year, however being in a reasonably forgiving mood we must admit that we’re très excited about what’s on the Danish smorgasbord this year. After all we will be on front row seats in Ballerup Super Arena in a few weeks time, we need to find a favorite to cheer for!

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Let's paint Copenhagen red in February!


According to the latest news on dr.dk, Danish MGP is heading back to the capital after being hosted for several years at various locations in Jutland. Hurrah! The venue for the final on the 26th of February 2011 will be Ballerup Super Arena, located in a suburb just outside Copenhagen. The arena can house an audience of 6500 during DMGP, and GEE will be there covering the event in the most glamourous way possible!

DMGP 2011

In ESC history, Denmark is one of our absolute favorite countries. We love their happy go lucky tunes and buckets of charm that puts a big smile on our faces, thinking that life’s one big party. There’s just something about those Danes that simply appeal to us Norwegians, that makes us want to join them instead of beating them. Sort of. That was until this year when they showed up in Oslo with some trash they picked up in Sweden and a grumpy welder and his Hello Kitty doll. Wtf was that all about?

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