Our 10 Favorites in the First Semi-Final 2018

Clearly someone forgot to read the list of prohibited items in the arena. (pic by Andres Putting/EBU)

Hurrah! The day of the first semi-final is finally here, and it’s time for us to pick our 10 favorites. This is by no means a proper prediction, it’s the ten songs we would like to see go through to the Grand Final. And the best of luck to those who are trying to predict anything tonight, it will be carnage. As usual you can read our reviews by clicking on the links below. Enjoy the show tonight! Continue reading

What we noticed in the jury final for first semi final

– Where are you when we need you, Tahir? We are in desperately need of a plan here. And not the least some cognac for the Norwegian blogger ladies. (Pic by Andres Putting/EBU)
Yay, we are just done with the jury final for the first semi final and the juries must be having a hard time deciding, because there were some great entries in here and all artists did a great job. We’re super excited about the semi final tomorrow, and of course about the result. This is what we noticed: Continue reading

What we noticed in the dress rehearsal for semi final 1

– Did you hear the GEE girls are finally in Kyiv? Do the happy dance! Pic by Thomas Hanses/EBU

Yay, we are officially installed in the press center, where great things have happened, aka the first dress rehearsal for the first semi final. We decided to ditch the jury final for this one as it crashes with the party of our dearly beloved Israel and a carefully planned meeting with a movie producer from Hollywood. But we’ll give you the highlights from the first one, as seen in the press center.

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Our 10 qualifiers from the second semi-final in Stockholm

switzerland first rehearsal semi final ebu anna velikova
Quick, someone get the bloody fire extinguisher! Pic by EBU/Anna Velikova

As we are just starting to recover from the first semi final we find out that there’s another one? With 18 more songs? Holyshmoly, we think we just died and went to Eurovision heaven! Here are the lucky 10 WE want to see through to the Grand Final. Please be a darling and do not confuse our ramblings with a real attempt of actually predicting who qualifies. Everybody should know by now that we are completely clueless most of the time anyway. Click on the countries to read our reviews! Continue reading

First semi-finals. Awards of the evening

Go Douwe! And the lot! Pic by someone with a blurry camera.

Yay, that was a fabulous first semi-final last night. We had the Hungarian, Cypriot and Dutch flag, and we didn’t get rid of any, so there’s still a lot of ironing work for Saturday, which we’ll happily do.

Here be our awards of the evening:

Best effort made on stage since Joy Fleming: Hungary’s Freddie, doing a fantastic job all over his entrecote. We find it is a much better idea to build up your entry with your voice than climbing around in the props like Bob the Builder, Moscow edition.

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Our 10 qualifiers from the first semi-final in Stockholm

moldova first dress rehearsal ebu andres putting
Chișinău, we have a problem. Tinfoil man is in trouble back there. Image EBU/Andres Putting

Hurrah! The first semi-final is only hours away, and it is time for us to settle on the 10 entries we would like to see qualify for the Grand Final. As always, this is in no way a prediction as such, so don’t place your bets according to our ramblings. This is simply the 10 songs we like the most out of the 18 still in the running. The list has been compiled and settled upon among the two of us after a string of shouty rows at Euroclub and in the press center, Bosnia & Herzegovina style. Click on the countries to read our reviews! Continue reading

Semi final 1: Highligts and downlights

Yay! The finals are OnOnOn and we already picked our first 10 finalists for Saturday! What a fabulous show! What a fabulous stage! What a fabulous audience! And WHAT a FABULOUS Conchita!

Good Evening Europe! Oh, crap maybe it wasn’t such a good idea after all to buy our outfits in that factory outlet outside Klagenfurt

Didn’t catch the show? Or did you miss something? Here is what you should have noticed in each entry:

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OMG! The first semi-final is today!

– Here’s a sneak peak of Mr. Putin’s expansion plans. Go ahead and vote for us, suckers!

Sadly you won’t find your favorite Eurovision bloggers reporting live from the press center and from premier VIP seating inside the arena this year. Due to a series of unforeseen circumstances, which we won’t bore you with the details. But we promise to be back on location next year when it’s Italy’s turn to host Eurovision again!

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Our night, semi final 1 galore

Oh, what a fabulous day it was yesterday! Having finally arrived on Danish soil, and moved into our very posh flat in Vesterbro strategically close to Euroclub, we hurried out to the glamorous Eurovision Island to catch the first semi-final live in the arena. The fan tickets for all shows cost us pretty much the size of Moldova’s GDP so there was no way we were gonna miss out. And whatta show it was! We were absolutely blown away by the stage and the Danes did what they do best, being cheeky and fun with just a little pinch of smugness.

Having attended the winners’ press conference after the show we were whisked away by the shuttle bus to Euroclub where the party continued into the wee hours.

Here are a few snap shots:

2014-05-03 21.03.10
We spotted Conchita’s car outside the arena. Even though she’s a great advocate for the acceptance of facial hair we figure she might be a little more meticulous on maintenance in the regions further down below.

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