Where’s the kitchen sink, Spain?

We want to congratulate Edurne from Spain for just having confirmed the most common prejudice held against WAGs: they have too much money and precious little taste.

This ginormous turkey of a song has been over-hyped from the very beginning, and the prefix over can be added to just about every word to describe it. Over-produced, over-performed, overrated, over-the-top, you name it. It’s a vulgar display of every worn out cliché in the book and surprise, surprise, you will find a certain lank haired Swede lurking around backstage. Goodness gracious us, we dare not to think about what it will be like some 20 years down the line when Thomas G:son has been relegated to writing songs for San Marino.

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Final night: She truly is unstoppable! And so are we! We think!

2014-05-10 21.13.17
Yay, fabulous view to The Green Room

This is where we  start being melodramatic. We mean, we have just experienced a fantastic week of Eurovision extravaganza, we got a winner we could only dream of and a fantastic celebration of it all and suddenly we find ourselves dressed in cotton on our own filthy sofa without a Maltese knight in sight? Not cool at all.

Europe changed a little last night. Who would have known everyone from Italy to Georgia to Sweden could vote for the bearded diva CONCHITA WURST? We believe in humanity again now. Her thank you speech pretty much sums it up:

This night is dedicated to everyone who believes in a future of peace and freedom. You know who you are. We are unity. And we are UNSTOPPABLE!

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The Big 5 + Denmark

It rains A LOT in Costa del Sol! Thanks Ruth for giving us yet another reason for NOT going there for our upcoming summer holiday.

During the Jury Final last night all of a sudden a few acts we couldn’t remember from before popped up. We almost forgot that paying your way straight to the final is also an option; only someone forgot to tell Russia and Azerbaijan about it yet. Here are our reviews of the Big 5 and the host country! Continue reading

Grand final: Fun facts and what to expect

“In the beautiful, Norwegian village of Bryne you can find a piano like this in every home”

Yay, the grand final is rapidly approaching in Copenhagen! We just watched the jury final, and here’s a heads up on what to expect:

1.Ukraine: Tick-Tock sung by Mariya Yaremchuk

Struggles to impress us with a man in a hamster wheel. That’s nothing but a nice try when Greece has THREE men on a TRAMPOLINE.

2.Belarus: Cheesecake sung by Teo

Thank God the final at least has one song about cakes. Claims to not be Patrick Swayze, which is great as he never would be able to lift us anyway.

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Final night. Unfortunately.

2013-05-18 20.56.15
Our seats for the evening were carefully selected to get the best possible view of the fabulous behinds of many of the male artists.

Yay! We had a blast last night even though neither of our favorites did win. After all, it’s only teardrops, and we are super happy we get to go to our favorite city Copenhagen (most probably) next year. Here’s a summary of yesterday for you, written in a state of after shock caused by two liters of vodka, two hours of sleep and six cups of what only Starbucks would call coffee.

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Final thoughts before the final

2013-05-18 15.24.51
“I will put this picture on my Tumblr”, said Marco as he snapped a lot of pictures of his ideal bloggers. That will clearly secure his victory tonight!

With the Grand Final only hours away we’re at the press center catching up on the latest gossip and behind the scenes updates. Before we’re off to throw on our finest feathers, we have time to give you a quick run through of tonight’s upcoming show, which might be worthwhile to think about when making up your mind on who to cast your vote for:

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Gearing up for the Grand Final!

All righty then! While most of our fellow Norwegians have spent the day suffocating in too tight bunads, stuffing their face with ice cream and hotdogs, we have been in Malmø Arena to catch the first dress rehearsal before the Grand Final. How very exiting. Squeal!

We can promise you a wicked show, the Swedes certainly know their stuff and you can really tell they have been gagging to transfer Melodifestivalen to a pan European format.

One word. Swoon!

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Summary of a fabulous final

Another glorious Eurovision final has come to an end. Here in the Former Swedish Republic Of Norway we are truly happy for Loreen and have already started designing our dresses for all the parties we will attend in Sweden next year. Meanwhile, let us give you a little summary of this magnificent weekend.

As GEE girls we were sad to spend our weekend apart this year as one of us was a little caught up at work. But she promises to spend all the money she earned on a speech therapist for Loreen so we maybe can learn what the lyrics actually are. The other girl was very happy to spend her night partying with the renown Melodi Grand Prix legend Stian Kvil and 30 of his closest Eurovision enthusiasts. Let us just give you a quick heads up on how fabulous he is:

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This is the Night for the Grand Final!

12 painful months of waiting have finally come to an end and we’re only a couple of hours away from the Grand Final! And whether you’re on your way to the annual Eurovision party in your finest feathers (which do seem to be one of the hottest fashion items in the Eurovision world this year) or you’re planning to spend the night in the comfort of home sweet home in the front of the telly, we bet you need some guidance on who you should vote for, when you should top off your drink, hide behind a pillow, pop off to the loo, lock up your daughters and remove the crystal. (The latter will be when the Albanian singer with the dread dung starts sounding like a malfunctioning hoover and that’s the last mention of her in this post.)

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Final recap

Let’s say you didn’t follow our strong recommendations and watched the Eurovision final last night. Or maybe you had no choice but to prioritize a best friend’s wedding and that gave you such a headache today you are still not able to hear music. Then we unfortunately have to tell you you missed out on something big. But don’t you worry. GEE is always here to help. We give you our recap of last night’s best and worst for you:

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