Barbara Dex Award; Moldova and Russia

There are plenty of guys deserving a decent bashing in this year’s ESC as well! Let’s start with Moldova. And forget about the female tin foil cupcake. We didn’t exactly expect Chişinău to be the fashion capitol of Europe, but to get reacquainted with the vest our old uncle John donated to aid Romanian orphans years ago, we did not see that one coming. We suppose it found its way to an overpriced ultra hip vintage shop in the above mentioned capitol somehow. As mentioned earlier, we praise Moldova for giving us valuable and hilarious contributions when it comes to costumes and props on stage, so it’s nice to see that this tradition is being kept alive.

There is just so much material here, starting with the bloke in the front. Blimey…

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Barbara Dex Award; Ukraine

And then there’s rag doll Alyosha from Ukraine. The end is really near here, and we have a feeling it has something to do with the environment. You know, sustainable development and all that go green and save the planet stuff. Our theory is that this is actually recycled rags found in Chernobyl. And the shoes? Probably vintage, protective equipment worn by the workers at the nuclear power plant.

OSLO, NORWAY - MAY 26:  Alyosha of Ukraine performs during the dress rehearsal of the Eurovision Song Contest Oslo 2010 Norway. (Photo by Nigel Waldron/Getty Images)  on May 26, 2010 in Oslo, Norway. (Photo by Nigel Waldron/Getty Images)
This is how sweet people looks like after shooting a music video in Chernobyl.

Barbara Dex Award; Latvia and Ireland

A far more deserving winner of the Barbara Dex Award would have been Aisha from Latvia. We are not exactly sure what happened here, but here’s a few plausible scenarios. She simply forgot to change into her actual dress before she entered the stage. There just must be an explanation to why she unintentionally appeared in front of 130 million TV viewers dressed in a bathrobe.

After an even closer look we start to wonder if one of the hotel rooms at Oslo Plaza is missing a bedspread or perhaps a curtain. In that case she sort of takes raiding hotel rooms for “free” stuff to another level. We usually settle for shampoos, slippers and shower caps. And no, we don’t wear the slippers and a shower cap while making an important presentation at work. Continue reading

Barbara Dex Award 2010

Earlier this week it was announced that Serbia’s Milan Stanković was voted the winner of the Barbara Dex Award. Please allow us to take a moment here. What??? In our opinion he was one of the best dressed contestants this year. His stage outfit in the same colors as the Serbian flag and his marching band jacket was a perfect match for his ethnic styled, brassy celebration of a song. And yeah, we get it, his haircut was rather unconventional and his dancers came out of shower cabinets while being dressed in bubble wrap frocks, but c’mon, this is just not enough to win a contest where bad taste is refined into perfection.

This picture is taken from the Serbian party and GEE think he looks super cool. Kudos!

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