Fan of the day: Ingmar Van Bloois

As we gather in Kyiv, we meet a lot of great fans in all their gloriousness. But we shall not forget some of the most important fans are at home, following it all on their various screens. Time to present one of our favorite readers and Eurovision fans: Ingmar!

– Name, age, occupation, where are you from (we will welcome alternative facts here if needed)?

– My name is Ingmar van Bloois, I’m 25 years old and I live in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I work as host in a health facility and besides that, I’m proud member of the board at the local and one of the eldest LGBTI-associations in the world, COC Rotterdam.

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What we noticed in the rehearsals

Boiled lobster. The latest trend from the food fashion capital of Europe, Tblisi Pic by Thomas Hanses/EBU
Yay, we got through the first couple of rounds of rehearsals and it was as fabulous as expected. We haven’t been following them as closely as we’d like to, as we have had the constant disturbance from our day jobs to deal with. But that’s about to change as we pack our polyester and head for Kyiv first thing tomorrow. And we did notice quite a few things all the same, of course. Here are the highlights:

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Hottest Eurovision male 2017

Time to decide what really matters in this year’s competition: Who is the hottest bloke?

The jury has had a difficult time, as usual. The careful selection process involved a lot of vodka, fighting over basic female rights and rather serious investigations into whether or not the candidates have been to Crimea. We decided to listen to Latvia and draw the line somewhere, so we agreed candidates young enough to be the parents of our grandchildren were not allowed. But we welcome Bulgaria, Australia and Ireland to try again when their artists are out of high school.

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Fan Of The Day: Mads Mortensen

Mads Mortensen is one of our favorite Danes, which says a whole lot since Denmark is one of our favorite countries and we secretly wish they could adopt us and grant us a second citizenship. Mads is both funny and sweet and represents the values we appreciate the most about the Eurovision fan community. It’s all about inclusion, tolerance and embracing the differences. Besides, he has a wonderful geeky side and knows his Eurovision history. He brings plenty of sass, dresses sharp, charms the girls and he invites you all to join the party. So without further ado, here’s Mads!

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Fan of the day: Kylie Wilson

The ultimate fan behavior is traveling to as many national finals as possible and getting tickets for every preview party and every live show in May including dress rehearsals, says Kylie Wilson. Guess that makes her pretty close to an ultimate fan – or part of the Eurovision royalty, we’d say. Let’s present her to you:

– Name, age, where are you from?

– Kylie Wilson. 29. Wales, UK via New Zealand.

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Interview: SunStroke Project on visiting the night clubs of Ukraine, making babies and being an epic sax guy

In a year of bad news from various countries in the East, some messages are more appreciated than others. Like the fact that SunStroke Project are back for Eurovision! What a joyous moment in GEE headquarters when this was first announced. And in spite of a rather disturbing music video, we are still eager to see these funky guys hit the grand stage again. But first a little chat, of course. Delivered directly to you from the dark corner offices of Chisinau.

These days SunStroke Project are trying out new and exiting things. Like looking really grumpy whenever there is a photographer around.

– Guys! Congratulations on a fabulous win in Moldova! We are extremely happy to see you returning to Eurovision! What happened in your career since you left in Oslo in 2010?

– Thank you! Since we left Oslo in 2010 we have finished working on our second album. We have opened our music label Ragoza Music, opened our own sound recording music studio and of course made children.
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Fan of the day: Pierpaolo Tieri

– Music is a universal language, that must be used to unite us, says Pierpaolo Tieri. We couldn’t agree more. Also, we love getting to know all the different fans so we wanted to share them with you, so please welcome Pierpaolo:

– Name, age, occupation, where are you from?

– Hi Eurovision fans, I’m Pierpaolo Tieri, I’m 23 years old and I come from Atessa, Chieti, Abruzzi, Italy and I’m unemployed. I have been blind since birth. I use a vocal synthesizer that allows me to hear what’s written on the screen, except for the images and photos.

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