Hot stuff of ESC – 2012 edition

OK, let’s be honest. Looks do matter. A great deal. Why else would so many people around the world be so rich from designing, sewing, brushing, styling and pumping botox to all the wrong and wrong places? We have to say, we appreciate the efforts of all those who made the men of this year’s Eurovision. In GEE headquarters we spend most of May drooling over the ones who think this wonderful contest is all about the right tune. For the latter we find them adorable, and here are some extra points for them being hot as well:

1 point go to Ivan Broggini, Switzerland:

This year’s TinTin of Switzerland barely made it to the list. After all there has been some hair issues, including the most advanced carving of his back head. But OK, he is adorable enough. So here goes the one point from us with a kiss.

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Goodies coming up Hotlist 2011

So, you thought we forgot about the men this year? Oh no, not us. We have been following them for quite some time now. And even though there’s no equal to our long lost love, Marcin Mrozínski (is there ever?), there’s a couple of highlights in the goodiebag this year as well. Here are the votes of the GEE jury:

1 point go to Azerbaijan’s Eldar Chris Martin Qasimov
Barely made the list, but as cute as he is, we’re kinda glad he did. We enjoy his style and he does have the most Chris Martinest of voices. And after all we do love Chris Martin. So guess there’s your point, Eldar.

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