Life after Eurovision

We spotted these guys in the Gay Parade in Oslo earlier today. They gave us an effective and important reminder that life goes on after the glitter dust has settled and the camera equipment has been brought back to Germany. Perhaps an inconvenient truth for those who gladly turned a blind eye to what went on outside of Baku Crystal Hall in return of a press accreditation badge and free entry to Euroclub.

Pic by the fabulous Mona Wærnes from our socialist party SV

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This is the Night for the Grand Final!

12 painful months of waiting have finally come to an end and we’re only a couple of hours away from the Grand Final! And whether you’re on your way to the annual Eurovision party in your finest feathers (which do seem to be one of the hottest fashion items in the Eurovision world this year) or you’re planning to spend the night in the comfort of home sweet home in the front of the telly, we bet you need some guidance on who you should vote for, when you should top off your drink, hide behind a pillow, pop off to the loo, lock up your daughters and remove the crystal. (The latter will be when the Albanian singer with the dread dung starts sounding like a malfunctioning hoover and that’s the last mention of her in this post.)

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Get ready to ignite!

Things are starting to heat up in the windy city by the Caspian Sea. The theme art and the slogan for the contest were presented a few days ago in conjunction with the host city insignia exchange ceremony, as well as the semi-final allocation draw. And we suppose that’s something. The EBU has even approved Baku Crystal Hall as the Eurovision 2012 venue. A couple of months back we would have laughed at the person who said that would actually happen, and it’s still just a big, messy construction site! How is finalizing the venue in time even possible? Oh, we forgot, just demolish a few apartment blocks and throw people on the streets and it’s all easypeasy. Continue reading