First rehearsals. Impressions and fun facts

In case of emergency, please unfold the parachute. Photo: Andres Putting (EBU)
In case of emergency, please unfold your own parachute first, then help your children. Photo: Andres Putting (EBU)

So. First semi final is no more than a week away and rehearsals are well on their way. Here are some of the most important facts we have picked up on this far:

  • Georgia is way funnier than first anticipated.How unbelievably cool is it to bring a parachute onstage? If you are to dance around high as a kite onstage, why not bring your kite, we say. And there is a slight possibility Israel’s lady might blow us all up, so security equipment is welcomed.
  • Speaking of Israel, we have an announcement to make: Three pair of pants have been found lurking around the airport looking for their owners. Mei and choir chicks can report to the information desk in order to get fully dressed for next week.

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Maybe time to call it quits, San Marino?

Valentina Monetta is making her third consecutive ESC-appearance in Copenhagen, and it doesn’t look like she has outstayed her welcome just yet. At least the fans have adopted her as one of their own and there is indeed something special about an artist showing such passion for the contest and who quite obviously loves it as much as the most dedicated fans. Then again there’s also something a bit off when the only way to tell the difference between the admirers and the admired is the letter on the accreditation badge.

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Newsflash: San Marino’s got internet!

It’s times like these we wonder whether San Marino’s sole purpose for entering Eurovision Song Contest is to secure at least one set of 12 points to Italy in the final. But by the look of it, Italy can manage very well on their own without any help from their baby sister. Still it adds a certain charm to have these microstates joining in on the shenanigans of our favorite singing competition. Continue reading

San Marino orbits to the top?

We don’t know whether it was the return of big brother Italy, or the prospect of a trip to the charming town of Düsseldorf that tempted the Sammarinese to reenter our favorite singing competition. Either way we’re happy to have them back and the way we see it there are a couple of pro’s and con’s to take into consideration when reviewing this year’s entry. The drawback being the song, which is quite boring and oldfashioned. The asset being Senit herself, she seems to be bubbly, fun and likable. By the look of it we expect her to lift a rather ordinary song, perhaps all the way into a spot in the big final.

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San Marino is back in the game

It would be a shame to claim that this tiny republic enclaved in Italy has been dearly missed i Eurovision. In fact, if you blinked a couple of times during the broadcast of the 2008 edition of ESC you might actually have missed them entirely. Still, we care about their return and welcome them back into the fold with open arms and great enthusiasm. Because their participation does matter, it adds even more flavor and diversity to the competition, it’s one more act to review and discuss, hate or love. And there’s also a good chance for even one more song to be sung in Italian which can only be a good thing. Continue reading