All humans have a right to Romania

There are two things that could never go wrong for Romania in Eurovision Song Contest. They are called Paula and Ovi:

Actually, it should be considered a fundamental human right to always have Ovi and Paula present in shows you will be watching at least a dozen times before it even begins. Especially during years when there is a high risk of drowning in half bad ballads from all around the continent.

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Final thoughts before the final

2013-05-18 15.24.51
“I will put this picture on my Tumblr”, said Marco as he snapped a lot of pictures of his ideal bloggers. That will clearly secure his victory tonight!

With the Grand Final only hours away we’re at the press center catching up on the latest gossip and behind the scenes updates. Before we’re off to throw on our finest feathers, we have time to give you a quick run through of tonight’s upcoming show, which might be worthwhile to think about when making up your mind on who to cast your vote for:

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Gearing up for the Grand Final!

All righty then! While most of our fellow Norwegians have spent the day suffocating in too tight bunads, stuffing their face with ice cream and hotdogs, we have been in Malmø Arena to catch the first dress rehearsal before the Grand Final. How very exiting. Squeal!

We can promise you a wicked show, the Swedes certainly know their stuff and you can really tell they have been gagging to transfer Melodifestivalen to a pan European format.

One word. Swoon!

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Stories from the Romanian desert

What do you get when you cross Scotland with Finland, dress them up in a glamor model and let them have a jolly good time in Dubai? Apparently Romania:

Not that we disapprove. The first 30 seconds of this is even very promising in our opinion. But it gets worse from there, and that is usually a problem. What is also a common problem, is when you are stuck at work wishing you were at home nurturing your hangover head and the filthy nerves that go with it and suddenly hear a song you forgot you put on and start getting all the wrong ideas. Like:

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Romanian final tonight- our award ceremony

A new Eurovision year is rapidly approaching, and the national finals bonanza is already up and running. For GEE bloggers that means a lot of work heeding all the songs making up our mind several times too many. We have to admit it can be quite tiresome. Because in spite of our love for Eurovision, there is still some bad stuff going on around Europe. But oh, what sacrifices we make for our beloved readers.

The time has come to Romania. This is a country that really takes Eurovision bloody seriously. Actually so seriously that their national final is on New Year’s Eve, lasting for six full hours. Now that calls for some special attention. And since this day is a day for happy thoughts, that’s what we’ll give you. Because no matter the extent of suffering brought upon us, GEE girls see something good in everyone. Continue reading

Romania is back in the game!

Romania was on to something in ESC a few years back, making top 5 two years in a row with “Let Me Try” and “Tornerò” in 2005 and 2006. And we thank them for bringing the Italian language back into Eurovision, we so wish that Italy would return to the competition, but that’s a completely different story. Since then Romania seem to have lost their way a bit, but this year they’re back with a vengeance! Continue reading