Portugal gone astray

Portugal has been one of the most consistently predictable countries in ESC over the years. They usually show up with an up-tempo latino pop stomper performed by a scantly clad bombshell who can’t sing, or a sad and dreary fado, mournfully performed by a prudishly clad bombshell singing in perfect pitch. And end up scoring terribly bad, since the rest of Europe can’t make head or tail of neither. Continue reading

First rehearsals. Impressions and fun facts

In case of emergency, please unfold the parachute. Photo: Andres Putting (EBU)
In case of emergency, please unfold your own parachute first, then help your children. Photo: Andres Putting (EBU)

So. First semi final is no more than a week away and rehearsals are well on their way. Here are some of the most important facts we have picked up on this far:

  • Georgia is way funnier than first anticipated.How unbelievably cool is it to bring a parachute onstage? If you are to dance around high as a kite onstage, why not bring your kite, we say. And there is a slight possibility Israel’s lady might blow us all up, so security equipment is welcomed.
  • Speaking of Israel, we have an announcement to make: Three pair of pants have been found lurking around the airport looking for their owners. Mei and choir chicks can report to the information desk in order to get fully dressed for next week.

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Europe paging Portugal

The Eurovision world is thrilled to have Portugal back after a couple of years of absence. We don’t really get why as they rarely have anything to offer but a rather middle of the road entry that very few north of the Iberian peninsula understand nor take a particular liking to. We suppose it has to do with the urge every congregation has to herd the bewildered safely back into the flock. Continue reading

Destined to fail?

We have to admire the Portuguese for their stamina. And for staying true to their own style, traditions and taste. They don’t seem to care one bit about what might actually work with the televoters around Europe as it seems far more important to pick a song with both feet firmly planted in the very core of the Portuguese identity. So it goes without saying that we will have our dose of fado in Eurovision once in a while, belted out by a gorgeous woman filled with passion and sorrows and melancholia. Continue reading

Red carpet extravaganza!

The official welcome party of Eurovision Song Contest 2011 went down on Saturday and since we were not there parading up the red carpet like we did last year, we have decided that it wasn’t half as good, and we probably didn’t miss out on anything. Most of the Eurovision celebs had thrown on their fanciest rags for the occasion, and let’s just say that some have a better sense of style than others…

Flipping through the pics from eurovision.tv we can at least point out a couple of observations. The EBU photographer is clearly no fashion photographer, in fact, we wonder if he has even held a camera in his hands ever before. And at times we wonder if this is even taken from the right event as it looks more like some random guy’s Facebook album from a Halloween party he attended in high school. Good grief! Very well, here’s some red carpet highlights and lowlights for you.

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Goodies coming up Hotlist 2011

So, you thought we forgot about the men this year? Oh no, not us. We have been following them for quite some time now. And even though there’s no equal to our long lost love, Marcin Mrozínski (is there ever?), there’s a couple of highlights in the goodiebag this year as well. Here are the votes of the GEE jury:

1 point go to Azerbaijan’s Eldar Chris Martin Qasimov
Barely made the list, but as cute as he is, we’re kinda glad he did. We enjoy his style and he does have the most Chris Martinest of voices. And after all we do love Chris Martin. So guess there’s your point, Eldar.

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Well played: Fabulous frocks

There were some fabulous frocks on display on the Eurovision stage this year. And if you show up representing your country with a grandiose and pompous ballad it’s simply demanded of you to go for a glamourous prom dress. This can be all wrong with an up-tempo song though, and it’s basically about choosing an outfit that matches both the song and your own personal style. So why 18 year old Sieneke chose to appear on stage looking like a frumpy middle aged housewife is better left unmentioned…

Sofia Nizharadze from Georgia looked absolutely stunning on stage. Before the final the Georgian delegation went to Paris to sort out the choreography and sent Sofia on a shopping spree in Milan to find the perfect dress. This really paid off in Oslo as the whole act was a sight for sore eyes, with Sofia as the centre of attention. GEE were skeptical towards the busy gymnastics routine in the beginning, but Sofia and her crew proved us wrong and pulled the whole thing off with style and grace. Well done!

Omg, who on earth will pay the bill after our party in the Opera-house?

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Two steps forward, one step back

In ESC, Portugal is pretty much known for one thing only, for participating like a million times without winning the competition. In fact, they have not even come close! In 1996 Lúcia Moniz reached sixth place, with one of our all time favorite Portuguese entries. Ukulele can never be wrong in our opinion, especially when the instrument seems to be glued on to Lúcia’s frock! Kudos to the Portuguese for always singing in their own language, and of course for their stamina and for never giving up on us. Continue reading