That 90s show with Ireland

So, Ireland sends their love. And Westlife:

Here’s how we would have reviewed Ireland in 1998, where this entry really belongs:

Dear diary,

Wow, we just disvovered this amaaaaazing artist from Ireland and he is soooooooo handsome <3 <3 <3 When he sings ”I’ll be your lover boy”, we feel like he only sings to us. And our hearts beat so fast at every ”love like beginners”. Because, diary, we think for the first time we really are in love. Just like Victoria when she met David Beckham, right? Did you know Nicky is also a footballer? OMG OMG OMG.

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Hurrah! Second semi-final coming up!

Oh, please! Get a room!

Tonight is a big one coming up for us as Norway is on, and no less than FIVE of the guys on our hotlist. We recommend a bottle of Chardonnay, Valium and an oxygen mask within reach. If all goes well and we don’t pass out with overexcitement before the Czech Republic sings, we hope we will be able to celebrate the following ten countries going through to the Grand Final (click on the links to read our review):

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Count your blessings, Ireland!

We want to congratulate the Irish for finally, for the first time in ages, sending an entry that doesn’t involve heavy use of Swedish songwriters and without a bodhrán in sight. Hallelujah, we thought that day would never come!

We never got the need for hiring Scandinavians to make something Irish sounding; it simply makes no sense whatsoever. Especially not when they have managed just fine on own homegrown talent in the past, winning the Eurovision Song Contest no less than seven times. Not even the Swedes can beat that, not just yet anyways.

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You cannot believe what was going on in B&W Hallerne today

There were rehearsals. Actual, real rehearsals! With artist in clothes! Well, sort of anyway. Here are our first impressions from the second semi final:

1. Malta is definitely coming home with us

Malta’s performance was once again steady as a rock and we’re starting to get that winning feeling. And attention! If you look closely, you will see a selfie of us and Marco Mengoni as a part of their stage backdrop. We are very happy to be up there with the loves of our life during such an important moment in history. Oh, and yeah, we are also glad that 130 million viewers get to see our friendly faces, of course. Vote for us, Marco and Malta. It’s number one, peeps.

“And to the right we have an image of my favorite girls in Good Evening Europe. Do notice the fine details and carefully planned and coordinated outfits.”

2. Mei Feingold is still very angry

Half way through the song we just want to scream “WE GOT YOUR POINT THE FIRST TIME” back at her. Also, her stage backdrop looks like something from an adaption of a not so pleasant Cormac McCarthy novel. But thumbs up for effort and all.

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Heartless from the Irish

Ireland must feel a bit miffed by the fact that a bunch of annoyingly cheeky Scandinavians quite blatantly stole the winning recipe last year and got away with it. And by all means, we don’t blame them. As the Danes stormed to victory in Malmø, the Irish were having sour grapes in the green room. But trying to get ahead by making a copy of the copy when you have the original recipe somewhere in the back of your desktop drawer is quite possibly the worst idea ever.

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Gearing up for the Grand Final!

All righty then! While most of our fellow Norwegians have spent the day suffocating in too tight bunads, stuffing their face with ice cream and hotdogs, we have been in Malmø Arena to catch the first dress rehearsal before the Grand Final. How very exiting. Squeal!

We can promise you a wicked show, the Swedes certainly know their stuff and you can really tell they have been gagging to transfer Melodifestivalen to a pan European format.

One word. Swoon!

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<3 Ireland

What? Ireland in Eurovision without being represented by Jedward nor a poultry puppet? How very refreshing! After a string of disastrous results for the Irish, the energetic brothers tucked their fingers firmly into a power socket and brought Ireland into the new millennium with fresh, contemporary and edgy dance tracks. Continue reading

Fug or Fab, Eurovision edition!

So, Saturday it was finally time for the Eurovision stars to shine and bedazzle us on the red carpet before the official opening party! We heard rumors the party wasn’t that great, so we’re not sorry one bit we weren’t there. We never show up at parties without finger food anyways. But at least an EBU photographer caught the action through his lens and and shared his pics with everyone on the official Eurovision website. As a reward someone should give this guy an introductory course in how to capture the glamour of celebs strolling up the red carpet. Maybe next year he’ll give us something decent to work with. Here are some highlights and (a lot of) lowpoints for you! We’ll do the comments in alphabetical order. It should take you about 4 hours to read through this post. (Oh, and click on the pics to get a bigger image.)

Not happy about Eurovision being held in Baku? Blame these two! But Ell&Nikki sure set the standard for looking swell on the red carpet. Low key, yet stylish and trendy. And Nikki doesn’t look like Ell’s mum at all. Definitely a Fab from the GEE jury.

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Repainted and replugged

What to do when you thought you had found gold, but your audience only awards it silver? Repaint and try again.

At least that’s what Ireland did for this year’s Eurovision entry, providing us yet another double version of boys suffering from that AHPD (Attention seeking Hyperactive Pop Disorder) we sort of got a glimpse of last year. Continue reading

Second semi final recap

Gone away is that blue feeling, here to stay is that new feeling. We’re totally, utterly, even extremely happy to now see the love of our life, Denmark, plus the almost as loved Ireland and Estonia in the upcoming final Saturday. Because while Tuesday’s voting was somewhat interesting to say the least, this one was all we could hope for. Maybe apart from the fact that we have to survive through yet another three minutes of Swedish screaming.

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