Grand final: Fun facts and what to expect

“In the beautiful, Norwegian village of Bryne you can find a piano like this in every home”

Yay, the grand final is rapidly approaching in Copenhagen! We just watched the jury final, and here’s a heads up on what to expect:

1.Ukraine: Tick-Tock sung by Mariya Yaremchuk

Struggles to impress us with a man in a hamster wheel. That’s nothing but a nice try when Greece has THREE men on a TRAMPOLINE.

2.Belarus: Cheesecake sung by Teo

Thank God the final at least has one song about cakes. Claims to not be Patrick Swayze, which is great as he never would be able to lift us anyway.

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Ready, set Germany

It sure is a hard knock life being a Eurovisional critic. Because behind every brilliant entry, that is sure to make your heart pound, your head spin and your level of endorphins grow entirely out of proportions, there will be a few not so good ones. Some entries could even classify as bad. And some are so entirely annoying you end up spending your whole weekend feeling sorry for yourself for ever having to review it.

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Eurovision voting guide for losers and relegated

Oh crap, we suddenly realized Norway is actually out. Up until now we have been in denial and sort of wished it was a bad dream. We bet a lot of our fellow country madames et messieurs really struggle to come up with one single reason why to turn on the telly round about nine o’clock tonight, let alone, who on earth should they vote for? And we are in good company with the likes of Portuguese, Israelis and Poles, to mention a few. And not to forget, the Dutch! They should be used to this situation, maybe we should ask them for some advise on how to deal with the humiliation of being among the losers and the relegated.

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Red carpet extravaganza!

The official welcome party of Eurovision Song Contest 2011 went down on Saturday and since we were not there parading up the red carpet like we did last year, we have decided that it wasn’t half as good, and we probably didn’t miss out on anything. Most of the Eurovision celebs had thrown on their fanciest rags for the occasion, and let’s just say that some have a better sense of style than others…

Flipping through the pics from we can at least point out a couple of observations. The EBU photographer is clearly no fashion photographer, in fact, we wonder if he has even held a camera in his hands ever before. And at times we wonder if this is even taken from the right event as it looks more like some random guy’s Facebook album from a Halloween party he attended in high school. Good grief! Very well, here’s some red carpet highlights and lowlights for you.

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No Lena Logan

When we first heard Germany’s entry for this year’s Eurovision, we actually enjoyed it a great deal. Wow, we thought. Could Lena do a Johnny Logan? And wow, we also thought. This is actually something jazzy and classy and pretty much worth listening to outside of party and Eurovision mode.

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Get a grip Stefan Raab

Shut your big mouth, Stefan Raab. Stella Mwangi is as Norwegian as any.

This year’s winning song from Germany, which we all know will be performed on home turf by reigning Eurovision Queen Lena, is co-written by a Norwegian. Not that we’d put too much emphasis on this since nowadays people collaborate in teams across national boundaries and great distances all the time. It’s easy to hook up through the Internet and writing material together is just as easy when you’re located half across the world than as if you lived just across the street from eachother. This opens up new opportunities, creates greater diversity and ultimately leads to even better songs for us as an audience to enjoy and listen to. A classical win-win situation. We like Lena’s new song and we congratulate Monica Birkenes in beating roughly 600 other submitted entries, well done!

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