Georgian unpleasantries

Never in a million years would we think that Georgia would take us up on our advice of actually changing the lead singer, which was something we blurted out in frustration just after the Georgians decided to send the group Eldrine to Düsseldorf. Because even though as a fan so eloquently pointed out on some online fan forum, his toaster sings better than the former vocalist, kicking her out of the band is just a mean thing to do.

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Georgia hits rock bottom?

Anybody who tuned in to watch the Georgian National Final earlier today care to tell us what the hell happened? One shouty, noisy, out of tune, rock number duly noted. And not to forget, spiced up with something we suspect is meant to be a cool guy rapping, which in every such occasion of course can’t be anything else than an epic fail. Oh, Lord.

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Well played: Fabulous frocks

There were some fabulous frocks on display on the Eurovision stage this year. And if you show up representing your country with a grandiose and pompous ballad it’s simply demanded of you to go for a glamourous prom dress. This can be all wrong with an up-tempo song though, and it’s basically about choosing an outfit that matches both the song and your own personal style. So why 18 year old Sieneke chose to appear on stage looking like a frumpy middle aged housewife is better left unmentioned…

Sofia Nizharadze from Georgia looked absolutely stunning on stage. Before the final the Georgian delegation went to Paris to sort out the choreography and sent Sofia on a shopping spree in Milan to find the perfect dress. This really paid off in Oslo as the whole act was a sight for sore eyes, with Sofia as the centre of attention. GEE were skeptical towards the busy gymnastics routine in the beginning, but Sofia and her crew proved us wrong and pulled the whole thing off with style and grace. Well done!

Omg, who on earth will pay the bill after our party in the Opera-house?

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Georgia on our minds

In the ESC world, Georgia is perhaps up until now best known for being banned from participating in Moscow last year with the disco influenced floor banger ”We Don’t Wanna Put In”. Who said this competition isn’t about politics? The country is still a ESC rookie, but has shown that they master the format and we warmly welcome them. Hopefully they will continue to surprise us with original songs and remarkable stage performances like the black morphed into white moment with ”Peace Will Come”, legendary! Continue reading