The Czech review checked off our list

From the very very first time we heard this song we almost fell into a coma. Bad sign.

The Czech Republic broke a barrier last year by qualifying for the Grand Final. They are back again this year with something we can sense as a whiff of newfound confidence. Some might even label it as cocky, turning up in Kyiv with a serious jazzy ballad in the adult contemporary category, oozing quality and refinement. We mean, who do they think they are, showing half of Europe in a bad light? Continue reading

First impressions from the first dress rehearsal of the first semi-final

Yay, we just attended the first dress rehearsal for the first semi-final and it is shaping up to be a fabulous show. Here’s our first impressions for you:

01 Finland Sandhja Sing It Away

We keep mixing this up with the Spanish song. Which is not a good sign in our book. Backing singers are sweeping the floor with their microphone stands. Hope they get paid by SVT.

02 Greece Argo Utopian Land

Those who think this won’t qualify are seriously deluded. Sporting steaming hot bloke who rips his shirt off towards the end. Opa!

03 Moldova Lidia Isac Falling Stars

We know we are entering into our final week psychosis when we look at each other in nodding approval for the Moldovan entry. If we can’t have Laika the lonely dog in space in Eurovision, at least we can have a hot cosmonaut doing a summersault on stage.

04 Hungary Freddie Pioneer

Stands on what appears to be a perfectly marbled entrecote, which is pretty great because we love a good steak! He’s quite beefy too, come to think of it. We’ll take him medium rare, thank you. Yum!

hungary first dress rehearsal ebu andres putting
Beefy Pic by Andres Putting/EBU
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The Czechs in check with the rest of us

The Czechs are starting to get a better hang of this Eurovision business after scoring a respectable 33 points in the semi final last year. Not enough to qualify for the grand final, but still a massive improvement. We wouldn’t be surprised if the interest in Eurovision is picking up in the Czech Republic as they return to give it another go with an entry we would label as inspired. The lackluster, almost scornful approach from the past is clearly water under the Charles Bridge by now.

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Hurrah! Second semi-final coming up!

Oh, please! Get a room!

Tonight is a big one coming up for us as Norway is on, and no less than FIVE of the guys on our hotlist. We recommend a bottle of Chardonnay, Valium and an oxygen mask within reach. If all goes well and we don’t pass out with overexcitement before the Czech Republic sings, we hope we will be able to celebrate the following ten countries going through to the Grand Final (click on the links to read our review):

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Hottest Eurovision male 2015 pageant

Musical entertainment, stage decoration hobbies and the occasional dancing set aside, we all know what this contest is really about: The men. We have now reached the time of the contest when we need to sum up all our male acquaintances before they start disappearing again later tonight. And who did we like the most? Here are the results of the Norwegian jury.

1 point go to…Belarus

“Look, I borrowed my sister’s accessories. Do you think I look like Skywise now?”

So, Uzari barely made our list, although he has got some great potential going for him. Main reason: Hair cut. We really need to talk about how to relate to curls without ending up looking like  Lionel Richie, which shouldn’t be a goal for anybody. Until we’ve got that settled, Uzari can seek comfort in jumping back in line for the shop for fancy earrings together with the rest of Europe’s football players. Because that is where he truly belongs.

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Early checkout for the Czechs

The Czech Republic is back in the Eurovision business after a few years of absence. We don’t know whether it was a self-imposed quarantine that kept them away, or perhaps the EBU banishing them for having unleashed on us, but regardless we cannot say we’ve missed them much. And after hearing the internally selected entry Hope Never Dies we wish they hadn’t bothered coming back.

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