Best hair in Eurovision pageant

Can anyone match this extraordinary woman this year? Give us your vote!
Can anyone match the extraordinary Kate this year? Give us your vote!

So there are a few interesting facts about this year’s contest. One being that it is chuck full of rockers, another being that there are lots of recycled participants from the alumni club, but the most important is that there is HAIR. LOTS of it, in fact. Had we not known this was a contest somehow related to music, we would have mistaken it for the annual assembly of Europe’s hair models.

And who has shown the best use of hair so far? It seems most of the women had the same blow dry from a random hair dresser on a street in Manhattan, so we’re going to skip a lot of them. We do not see the need for looking like real housewives of New Jersey just because you are singing a song in Stockholm. Let’s focus on the others.

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Fug or Fab, Eurovision edition!

So, Saturday it was finally time for the Eurovision stars to shine and bedazzle us on the red carpet before the official opening party! We heard rumors the party wasn’t that great, so we’re not sorry one bit we weren’t there. We never show up at parties without finger food anyways. But at least an EBU photographer caught the action through his lens and and shared his pics with everyone on the official Eurovision website. As a reward someone should give this guy an introductory course in how to capture the glamour of celebs strolling up the red carpet. Maybe next year he’ll give us something decent to work with. Here are some highlights and (a lot of) lowpoints for you! We’ll do the comments in alphabetical order. It should take you about 4 hours to read through this post. (Oh, and click on the pics to get a bigger image.)

Not happy about Eurovision being held in Baku? Blame these two! But Ell&Nikki sure set the standard for looking swell on the red carpet. Low key, yet stylish and trendy. And Nikki doesn’t look like Ell’s mum at all. Definitely a Fab from the GEE jury.

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Language lessons from Bulgaria

The Bulgarians decided to send Sofi Marinova on to the Eurovision stage this year, and it looks like we have a real warhorse on our hands here. With a fierceness not seen since Malena Ernman’s fright fest in Moscow, Sofi charges at us with full force from the first techno beat. She scares the crap out of us, which is quite ironic really since she sings about the all embracing power of love. In a number of different languages as well, mind you, the oldest trick in the Eurovision rule book used to wheedle your way into a few extra votes.

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Bulgaria’s best bet?

Ever caught yourself wondering who’s the Bulgarian Pink? Of course you have, and today we can reveal it’s Poli Genova! This girl has made Beyoncé cry and we hope to God it was for the right reasons, otherwise it really isn’t much to brag about is it. The fact that she was runner-up behind Bulgaria’s 2009 Eurovision entrant Krassimir Avramov is much more worthy of a good cry, in our opinion. His ESC entry Illusion, is labeled under “crime against humanity”.

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DJ, please take me away…. from this!

It’s pretty clear to us that we have a hard time understanding whatever the Bulgarians are up to in this competition. The ethnic drums in 2007 were kinda cool, and kudos for the brave reggae mash-up the year after, even tough it didn’t really work live on stage. But their tendency to choose pompous, self absorbed and over pretentious men/women with crappy songs we really can’t get our head around, and this year they’ve done it again! Continue reading