Defeated, but not forgotten

It turned out to be Germany’s turn this year and we say well deserved! Lena was one of our favorites from the beginning and we are confident the Germans will put on a massive show next year, we can hardly wait!

However, every year regardless of who takes home the victory, there will always be discussions around which country should have won. It might be the crazy disco act which finished second or the alluring ballad that keeps growing on you long after it finished seventh in the final. Do you remember who won in 1983? We can barely remember a lady in a pink dress wailing something in French, but the girl who came on third place sticks like glue to our brains!

Here’s our list with some of our favorite songs trough all times that didn’t win the contest but most certainly won our hearts!

1991 – France: Amina “C’est le dernier qui a parlé qui a raison”
An excruciatingly exciting voting process ended with a tie break between Sweden and France. Amina came second with the smallest margin ever to spare to the winner, having received fewer ten points than the winner Carola. – But what an astonishing lady with a heavenly voice and an even sassier orange scarf than the one WigWam had. She owned the stage that night in Rome.

1983 – Sweden: Carola “Främling”
Ironically enough it was Carola who snatched the victory out of Amina’s henna painted hands in 1991, but a few years earlier Carola had to settle for third place. Carola’s career path is somewhat similar to Michael Jackson’s: 1983: talented and wonderful, 1991: on top of their careers, 2006: freak show! We find this deeply disturbing…. Continue reading

Semi-Final 1

The rehearsals for the semi-finals have kicked off and with this, the speculations around which countries will proceed to the big final. We find the prediction game rather mind wrenching, and with the 50/50 jury and televote system it makes it even harder to guess the lucky 10 in each semi-final.

That’s why we will settle for choosing our personal favorites which according to our opinion, in a perfect world without war, global warming and Dutch schlagers, would snatch a ticket to the final. Amazingly we agree on most entries. We suppose we have brainwashed each other and have pretty much morphed into one person by now. Ok, nuff said, here’s our pick for Semi-Final 1! Continue reading

Je t’adore or shut the door for Belgium?

Poor Belgium. Since the introduction of the semi-finals they have tried just about everything without any luck. Europe turned their backs to disco, rockabilly, euro dance, a seductive french ballad and whatever was going on back in 2008, we can’t even begin to describe. The bookies held Kate Ryan as a huge favourite in 2006, but the televoters did not love her, instead they brutally shut the door leading to the final. Continue reading