Grand final: Fun facts and what to expect

“In the beautiful, Norwegian village of Bryne you can find a piano like this in every home”

Yay, the grand final is rapidly approaching in Copenhagen! We just watched the jury final, and here’s a heads up on what to expect:

1.Ukraine: Tick-Tock sung by Mariya Yaremchuk

Struggles to impress us with a man in a hamster wheel. That’s nothing but a nice try when Greece has THREE men on a TRAMPOLINE.

2.Belarus: Cheesecake sung by Teo

Thank God the final at least has one song about cakes. Claims to not be Patrick Swayze, which is great as he never would be able to lift us anyway.

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First rehearsals. Impressions and fun facts

In case of emergency, please unfold the parachute. Photo: Andres Putting (EBU)
In case of emergency, please unfold your own parachute first, then help your children. Photo: Andres Putting (EBU)

So. First semi final is no more than a week away and rehearsals are well on their way. Here are some of the most important facts we have picked up on this far:

  • Georgia is way funnier than first anticipated.How unbelievably cool is it to bring a parachute onstage? If you are to dance around high as a kite onstage, why not bring your kite, we say. And there is a slight possibility Israel’s lady might blow us all up, so security equipment is welcomed.
  • Speaking of Israel, we have an announcement to make: Three pair of pants have been found lurking around the airport looking for their owners. Mei and choir chicks can report to the information desk in order to get fully dressed for next week.

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Gearing up for the Grand Final!

All righty then! While most of our fellow Norwegians have spent the day suffocating in too tight bunads, stuffing their face with ice cream and hotdogs, we have been in Malmø Arena to catch the first dress rehearsal before the Grand Final. How very exiting. Squeal!

We can promise you a wicked show, the Swedes certainly know their stuff and you can really tell they have been gagging to transfer Melodifestivalen to a pan European format.

One word. Swoon!

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Azerbaijan strikes again

We feel very much in the target group for this entry. A cute guy with a schmaltzy ballad pushing all the right buttons. And we must admit to be slightly bedazzled by those sad brown eyes and the sulky crack in his voice. Knowing what’s under that t-shirt is also clouding our judgement. We really must stop clicking on all these web-articles where the various male contenders flaunt their six packs. Continue reading

Life after Eurovision

We spotted these guys in the Gay Parade in Oslo earlier today. They gave us an effective and important reminder that life goes on after the glitter dust has settled and the camera equipment has been brought back to Germany. Perhaps an inconvenient truth for those who gladly turned a blind eye to what went on outside of Baku Crystal Hall in return of a press accreditation badge and free entry to Euroclub.

Pic by the fabulous Mona Wærnes from our socialist party SV

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Fug or Fab, Eurovision edition!

So, Saturday it was finally time for the Eurovision stars to shine and bedazzle us on the red carpet before the official opening party! We heard rumors the party wasn’t that great, so we’re not sorry one bit we weren’t there. We never show up at parties without finger food anyways. But at least an EBU photographer caught the action through his lens and and shared his pics with everyone on the official Eurovision website. As a reward someone should give this guy an introductory course in how to capture the glamour of celebs strolling up the red carpet. Maybe next year he’ll give us something decent to work with. Here are some highlights and (a lot of) lowpoints for you! We’ll do the comments in alphabetical order. It should take you about 4 hours to read through this post. (Oh, and click on the pics to get a bigger image.)

Not happy about Eurovision being held in Baku? Blame these two! But Ell&Nikki sure set the standard for looking swell on the red carpet. Low key, yet stylish and trendy. And Nikki doesn’t look like Ell’s mum at all. Definitely a Fab from the GEE jury.

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RIP Music

Blimey, we think the music just died and went to Azerbaijan.

There’s obviously no need to put Baku 2013 in the heading like we have felt compelled to do in our reviews of the Azeri entries the previous two years. Because this is so sad in so many levels, we cannot even bear the thought of it coming anywhere near the winners’ podium in the Grand Final. Sure, the Azeri’s did win last year with a rather mediocre, forgettable ballad imported from Sweden, but we hope Europe is not ready to make the same mistake twice.

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Get ready to ignite!

Things are starting to heat up in the windy city by the Caspian Sea. The theme art and the slogan for the contest were presented a few days ago in conjunction with the host city insignia exchange ceremony, as well as the semi-final allocation draw. And we suppose that’s something. The EBU has even approved Baku Crystal Hall as the Eurovision 2012 venue. A couple of months back we would have laughed at the person who said that would actually happen, and it’s still just a big, messy construction site! How is finalizing the venue in time even possible? Oh, we forgot, just demolish a few apartment blocks and throw people on the streets and it’s all easypeasy. Continue reading

It's a shokka! Norway is out!

Thank you and good night Europe, it’s been a blast while it lasted!

Oh, well, it didn’t go Stella’s way tonight. We are so disappointed and a little bit shocked we must say, but there’s a lot of countries with crappy entries out there with a lot of good neighbors and the early draw and the sound problems in the beginning of the show didn’t exactly do us any favors. Regardless, we are so proud of Stella and her backing crew, they all did a great job and we couldn’t have asked for more!


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