Semi-final 2, 2021: Our favorites

– GEE-ladies, wanna practice with us? Pic by Thomas Hanses/EBU

Ok, let’s get ready for Christmas part two, aka the second semi final of Eurovision 2021! We’re still not in Rotterdam, but at least Flo Rida is so we suppose that’s something. This is our least favorite of the two semi finals so we couldn’t be bothered with vacuuming the internet for bad streaming links from the jury final, but based on the buzz on our SoMe feeds we have of course picked up on a few things:

  • Apparently Flo Rida is living his best life up on that stage in Ahoy Arena, and we think we heard him shouting out “Wazzup, Amsterdam!” to the audience. Bet he gets disappointed when he finds out there’s no bikini contest.
  • Everyone’s saying Austria will qualify. With the Slovenian woman out, we suppose the EBU needs someone to say the final Amen.
  • The big shocker is of course Iceland being prevented from performing live due to a positive Covid-test. They are still in the running, though, with a recording from one of their rehearsals. We hope the IOC will not introduce similar rules for the Olympics in Tokyo this summer. Something tells us that it won’t be THAT interesting to see Karsten Warholm win the 400 m hurdle with a training run he did two days before the actual competition.
  • We curse the size of Moldova’s GDP, preventing Natalia Gordienko from recreating that fabulous preview video of hers on stage in Rotterdam. Her chances of qualifying would have been significantly higher with dancing ice-cream cones.
  • Serbia brings slut-pop. Unthank you very much.
  • Finland did their best at rocking things up. Playing next to Italy, they would sound like a team of family dads with hamstring problems in the Norwegian 3rd division football league, so they better enjoy their moment in the semi final.
  • We have reached the point where we will start bawling if Denmark fails to qualify. Goodbye integrity, hope to see you again sometime next year!

There will be 10 qualifiers chosen from tonight’s semi final. Based on our observations, who do we think it will be? Haven’t the faintest. But this would be the qualifiers if we got to decide, with links to our reviews:

San Marino
Czech Republic

And sorry, these are out. Follow links for not so positive reviews.



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