Semi-final 1, 2021: Our favorites

Valletta elfejn u tnejn u għoxrin! Pic by Andres Putting/EBU

Yay, today is like Christmas eve, part one, aka the first semi final of Eurovision 2021! Very unlike us, we are not in the audience nor in the press center nor in Rotterdam at all this time, but will be watching from our own homes, sans facial masks and sans designer outfits, but at least we’ll pull out some flags from our drawers. And our Ukrainian flower wreaths.

We only managed to partially catch the jury final, which is the basis for the jury votes, as yesterday was our national day and we were a bit occupied with power chugging on champagne. But we noticed a few things:

  • Norway’s Tix took off his sunglasses for a while, which is exactly what we would do inside, but for some reason he gets more attention for it. Maybe he is Cyclops from X-men?
  • They showed an image of Tix cheering for Azerbaijan’s Efendi, because the PR people are trying to spin a love story. We welcome them to get a room instead, courtesy of Norwegian oil money.
  • Apparently, Romania’s Roxen fainted backstage, which is exactly what we would do if Ukraine’s flute player passed us close by.
  • Azerbaijan’s Efendi managed to sing perfectly well, even though her earpiece wasn’t working either. What a queen!
  • Russia’s Manizha is still alive and doing well. All hail her witness protection program.
  • Israel’s Eden sang the highest note in this competition ever. Our house cats filed a complaint to the EBU immediately.
  • Roxen needed to sing twice to really prove to the jury that she cannot sing.
  • Ukraine needed to sing again to do another round of shit scaring the Wiwibloggers, who all fainted immediately, and really prove they are in this for the win, despite wearing green.
  • And then Malta had to sing again just because it ain’t over ’till the fabulous woman sings, goddammit!

There will be 10 qualifiers chosen from tonight’s semi final. Based on our observations, who do we think it will be? Haven’t the faintest. But this would be the qualifiers if we got to decide, with links to our reviews:

And sorry, these are out. Follow links for not so positive reviews.

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