What we noticed so far this Eurovision season

Robin Bengtsson found/became Jesus and bought a new shirt. It’s definitely Eurovision season all over again.

All right, so MGP is killing us. We know as good Norwegians we should be blogging about all those semi finals and how many wonderful artist that come out to play for us all around the country and how great it all is that MGP is getting so much attention for so such a long period of time. But then the NRK is not really touring the country, only a bunker in the outskirts of Oslo. And there are weird artists inside. Plenty of them to be precise.

Luckily, they saved the best for last and this Saturday Grand Ol’ Lady Jenny Jenssen is showing up to say hello:

There’s French language and Romeo in there. We most sincerely like. Also, Ulrikke is pure greatness and probably will win the whole thing. She has Kjetil Mørland as her song writer after all. Southern Norway, the region that keeps on giving. Stay tuned for more updates as the real final approaches.

In the meantime, let’s see what Europe, meaning the world except Norway and UK, has on offer.

France and Spain is definitely doing the hunk contest with two men that look completely identical:

That would be Tom Leeb and Blas Cantó. As an instinct, we always opt for French, but we forgot which one is which and did not have time to listen to their songs yet.

Speaking of hunk. Meet ISAM B, aka Isam Bachiri, from the DMGP final:

You might remember him going on endlessly about Aicha together with his Outlandish crew back in 2009. Well, now he’s back to sing about being proud of your ethnicity, religion, sexuality and age. Being all decent and hawt and talented and smart in one package, we really can’t think of a more worthy participant to represent that country. Let’s hope he doesn’t lose to some blonde singing about her dining room chair, or we might just need to take a Nexit from Scandinavia.

Moldova has 20 acts ready for their national final, none of which are Sunstroke Project. But at least our favorite Moldovan that is not called Sergey is back. We’re talking PASHA PARFENI and something happened to his hair:

We’ll be saving up a few Moldovan national budgets for a decent stylist and a couple of lederhosen for him, shall he happen to win this.

There’s too much going on in Sweden for us to get into it all. But we noticed a guy got kicked out of Mello for inappropriate behavior in a car. That would disqualify most of Italy‘s population, we guess, but they might have other rules down there. We’re super excited to see if Victor Crone remembers his Palestinian flag when he competes in Malmö later this month. Also, Robin Bengtsson is competing again, asking us to take a chance on him. We’ll consider.

In other news, Czech Republic clearly mixed up Eurovision with Junior Eurovision, as they have some participants in their national final named We All Poop. Or scrap that. We watched the video and that stuff is both X rated and good enough to make Dishy Guy the PR manager proud. You should also know Austria is not going to win this year. And Albania chose their song, which sounds exactly like previous years. See those for further information.

That’s it for now. Let us know if you noticed something we didn’t. Or don’t. We’ll probably be busy with endless MGP for the next couple of weeks anyways.

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