Our night: posing for fridge magnets, being unpolitical, joining KEiiNO and hooking up with Måns

Since we got up really early this morning to go to Jerusalem for lunch, we are a bit late in our reporting. But to those of you who think we’ve gone missing (hi, mum), we can ensure you we did survive yet another 24 hours of music, booze and insomnia. Here’s what happened yesterday. We think.

Working on making room in that sofa. Pic by NRK

We started our evening with various rehearsals, of which we have reported plenty. Then we moved on to make an interview with KEiiNO along with the rest of the Norwegian press. Turned out the very important journalists had to do all their work yesterday, as our national day makes sure there are no newspapers tomorrow. So they already made several stories about Norway not qualifying and didn’t really have any questions for KEiiNO, who is the first Norwegian participants in years who actually have something intelligent to say.

Instead the press spent their time with the band telling them a band with three people never wins Eurovision. We can understand it was hard to solve this situation for KEiiNO on the spot. It’s not like they can remove any group members as they’ve already been recruited in by affermative action and fill specific minority quotas. But we can now offer a solution just in time for the semi final: We agreed with sir Jon Ola that we can join the band to make it larger. We’ll be Vodka Spice and Margarita Spice. Preferably with muted microphones, as Posh Spice would say.

After that we went straight to the fabulous Icelandic party. We can’t really tell you much about that, as we fear it may be read as a political statement. But we can tell you that a)it was held in a community center for children, which yet again awards Iceland with the prize for best country and b)a fridge magnet was made:

We’ll be getting this picture in time for our wedding invitations

Then we spent the rest of the night in EuroClub, and a wide selection of people showed up:

Didn’t get rid of these guys yet. They sing about Heaven, where Micky Mouse is God.
Spain’s Miki hosted an aerobics class
Conchita seemed to have cut her hair. But we love, love, love her new pants!
Ruth Lorenzo showed us what happens when she forgets to take her medication
Tamta, only just holding her sneeze
Madame Monsieur gave us the latest update on Mercy
The host told us the prettiest person she had ever seen was about to show up and we had very, very, VERY high hopes for Amir. But turned out it was a middle-aged, Swedish guy named Måns. He seemed to be having fun, though.
And in the end Måns gave us the message we already knew: We should have remembered our very early trip to Jerusalem and gone home.


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