What we noticed on the fourth day of rehearsals

– To my left we have the Negev desert and to my right we have a giant hole in the wall. Please, GEE, can you send me some selfies to spike this up? Pic by Thomas Hanses/EBU

Another day of rehearsals wrapped up in Tel Aviv, and it is looking GOOD. We have now seen all the entries for the semi finals. The odds are moving all over the place and so are our feelings. But we noticed quite a few things anyway:

Croatia‘s Roko starts in hell and ends up in heaven. Which is the total opposite of how we feel during a week of partying in EuroClub. But plus for flying men.

Malta‘s Michela did an amazing job and the odds are shortening as we write. She is now sixth favorite to win with the bookies and number one with us!

Lithuania does not have a lion. We repeat: no lion. Only an anemic artist singing a little tune about running. Very interesting. Dead qualifier. Or not.

With EIGHT Sergey Lazarevs onstage at the same time, looking at each other in the mirror, Russia just broke the new world record in narcissism. That is quite the accomplishment in a room where everything from Greece and Sweden to Wiwibloggs are present. The story seems to be about Sergey struggling really hard to get out of the closet. We thought those kind of things weren’t allowed in his hood.

– Help, help. I need to get out! Pic by Thomas Hanses/EBU

Albania‘s Jonida Maliqi has a great dress and she can absolutely sing. Not sure there’s more to say about that.

Norway‘s Keiino is dressed in black, which, even though we do appreciate Fred Buljo in leather tights, feels a bit like a waste when you are representing a nation with all the colors of the rainbow in their flag. Good thing we’re bringing our sami flags to Tel Aviv. Norway didn’t get the news about the cease-fire either. Which is a little unfortunate for the country that negotiated the Oslo deal.

Norway does not support these firings, we promise! Pic by Thomas Hanses/EBU

Duncan the Dutchman must have bought his piano cheap on eBay. Good thing he isn’t actually playing it, even though he keeps clinging to it. Totally disappointed there’s no fish tank or naked behind. According to Wiwibloggs it sounds like he is singing under water. Wel, duh! He’s Aquaman.

The republic formerly known as FYROM, now known as North Macedonia and to us known as NoMa, has a staging that’s almost the same as Russia, only better. Someone’s going to get a friendly visit tonight.

Azerbaijan’s Chingiz ended the day in a really good way and got today’s loudest applause in the press center. Wonder how much free cognac the journalists got for that one. He has robots that are projecting a heart beat onto him, which we would love to borrow for the wee hours of EuroClub. Apparently he fell onstage. Maybe a little less cognac tomorrow.

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