Croatian Cheese

Do you like Croatian cheese? Get ready for another serving in Tel Aviv! 

We suppose we can praise the latest developments in Eurovision over the past few years all we want. Yes, the winners have far from fitted the proverbial mold and sure, it’s probably a good thing. But at the end of the day, what most people want when they gather in front of the telly with their friends and family one Saturday in May every year is to be entertained. They want kitsch, camp and glam, horrendous singing, flamboyant costumes, ridiculous stage props, rainbows and unicorns. And this is where Jacques Houdek comes in.

If you ask an average viewer what they remember from Eurovision in Kyiv we are pretty sure that quite a few will mention that big guy singing a duet with himself while shooting rainbows out of his behind. It was truly a grand moment in the history of Eurovision. Now Jacques is back already, but wisely enough he has passed the microphone on to one of his proteges, 19-year-old Roko. And while Roko may not have the same pull as his master quite yet, he has been equipped with ginormous white angle wings, and a set of pipes that can surely blow the roof top off Expo Tel Aviv.

The folks who dismiss this as chanceless of qualifying are gravely underestimating the average viewers hunger for a spectacle they can gasp and thrillingly scream at. That one entry completely stripped for irony but brimming with heartfelt emotion grander than life itself. And, you know what, we don’t mind two servings of this stuff.

Just a friendly advice, be careful with the ketchup! (Photo by: Damjan Fiket/Marko Kosutic)

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