Dutch Aquaman

It takes a superhero to win Eurovision. No wonder The Netherlands decided to give us Aquaman:

We all know the deal with Aquaman. It’s a hunky, half naked guy who keeps longing for his mermaid mother and in the end rescues her only to throw her onshore and become king of Atlantis. Kind of a familiar story, but of course it is very worth watching, because Aquaman is reaaaaally hunky and as most of the action is set in water, keeping him naked is given.

Does this sound familiar? Yup. The Dutch music video this year got the tip from DC and it’s hard not to watch that swimming ass of Duncan Laurence on repeat. Not even with sound on, even though the sirens in the back get a little annoying.

Needless to say, Duncan has been the Bookies’ favorite to win for a long time, although he is losing a just little to Russia as we write. And we get why people like him. He has an amazing voice that we could listen to forever. The song is also very likable, and has some kind of hook, even though it goes ooooooooooh, oh, oh, oh. Ooooh, oh, oh, oh, Guess we all have some experience in saying that, though. And the rest of the lyrics are good.

In fact, as we write through this review, we get more and more positive about Arcade. There’s a lot to praise beside that obvious body in water. And we’d love for The Netherlands to win this, so we can relax a little going to a host country where we can be more engaged in finding the cheapest genever than in locating a safe space in case the alarm goes off.

But we still struggle to see the winning potential here. We’re sorry to say that Duncan seems tremendously boring and safe and uninteresting when being interviewed, and the live performances we have seen haven’t been very impressive either. There’s a lot riding on the upcoming rehearsals now, cause it is going to take a man to stand up against Serhat, Sergey and the Icelanders, not just a pretty voice and an even prettier behind.

In the end, this is all like watching yet another superhero movie, we guess. The result is given, but the ride there is fun. And if the end turns out differently than expected, that will give som extra credits. Just ask Marvel, not DC.

Oh, don’t mind me. I am just swimming around removing plastic waste from the sea. Save the environment!

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