San Na Na Na Marino!

Our departure for Tel Aviv is rapidly approaching and it’s time for us to wrap up the review season and start packing our finest feathers and sequins. This is right around the time when we enter our list making modus, of things we need to get done at work, things to pack, what restaurants to book in TLV, the hottest guys in ESC, etc. ect. We soon have to make a list of which lists we have to make! So, here’s a list of things we find absolutely brilliant about San Marino this year:

  • It’s Serhat. Love, love, LOVE him! 
  • He’s a Eurovision Alum and returning artist. Which secures him a special place in every hardcore fans’ heart. He’s one of us.  
  • It’s not Valentina Monetta, which we unfortunately have begun to think of as a good thing. 
  • And thank God it’s not this guy, as the rumors indicated early season. 
  • Serhat is Turkish, which means we have Turkey onboard. Sort of. 
  • San Marino is basically a hillside in Italy, which means we get to have two Italian entries in Eurovision. And we all know there can never be too many Italian entries in Eurovision.
  • In the Grand Final San Marino has given most points to Italy. Keep up the good work! 
  • In the semis and Grand Final combined San Marino has given most points to… Norway? WFT?  
  • Serhat’s social media profiles are a goldmine! It makes us want to jet around the world on first class, with our LV leather bags, nipping a glass of champagne in the fanciest airport lounges while doing gigs in gay bars and swanky nightclubs performing old school disco stompers for the rest of our lives.
  • He hangs out at Euroclub. As do we.  
  • And finally there’s a man that’s not half our age!
  • Serhat is a dentist by profession but decided this was simply too boring and reinvented himself as singer, producer and television presenter. It’s amazing how far willpower and motivation can get you. And probably money in the bank is quite helpful too.
  • His entry Say Na Na Na is good old-fashioned disco, not this new EDM stuff. Which is a relief for those of us over 20.  
  • Living in these troubled times there’s something comforting about Serhat telling us we can just sing Na Na Na and everything will be ok. Goes without saying we need this song in the Grand Final! 
Meet Serhat – he’s like the gift that keeps on giving! (Photo by: Cem Talu)


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