Better Love, Better Greece!

Poor Greece, they have had a rough few years lately and when they even started to suck in Eurovision, we can easily imagine it could be something that pipped the whole country into a collective depression.

But unlike quite a few other countries insisting on sending the same old drab to Eurovision year in and year out, the Greek have shown that they at least try to improve after disappointing results. Since 2014-ish they have been constantly rearranging and adjusting the formula and trying out several different genres in the quest for just the right entry for Europe to fall in love with. If you ask us, the Greek could send Koza Mostra with “Alcohol is free” every single year and we would have voted for them, but unfortunately, that would be a breach of EBU regulations.

Last year they ended up disqualifying entries in their national selection process for not sounding “Greek enough”. Long story short, Oniro Mou crashed spectacularly in the semi-final so it goes without saying that this approach has been scrapped this year. Enter Greek-Canadian Katerine Duska with a song not sounding even remotely Greek and we think they finally might be on to something! Which is a bit sad, hence our endless appreciation of hunky men singing ethnic-turbo-ska-folk-punk-rock in incomprehensible Greek while banging on bouzoukis, but Better Love is simply so delightfully good we are willing to forgive them.

We love how Katerine’s voice intoxicate us like a rich, full bodied buttery chardonnay and the lush harmonies infuse us with goosebumps. It’s a modern, well written slice of pop and we cannot see what can go wrong here. Perhaps the Greek delegation should consider not to overdo the pink tulle and to cut down on zombies wobbling around in their underwear onstage in TLV, but with the 6 people rule this issue should partly sort itself out, we reckon.

If you look VERY carefully you might be lucky and spot Katerine Duska in there.  (Photo by: Efi Gousi)


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