Belarusian Disney Princess

At the tender age of 16, Zinaida Alexandrovna Kupriyanovich aka ZENA can add singer, actress, and television presenter to her CV and we can only assume the laws against child labor are rather lenient in Belarus. Nevertheless, if you expect an entry perfectly fitted to compete in the grown-up section of Eurovision you will be disappointed.

And perhaps it’s all for the best, after all ZENA is merely a teenager and her performance is a slice of fresh, bouncy, uncomplicated fun. We’re glad she’s not dolled up in a skimpy excuse of a dress, given sexually provocative choreography to perform and lyrics charged with innuendos which by far exceeds what she could possibly have managed to experience herself at this point.

Like it sounds like the immature scribblings in a girl’s diary who’s secretly in love with the most popular boy in her class, daydreaming about what she is going to do to make him notice her. Cute. And of course completely pointless and not up to scratch to make any impact in this setting. To make things even worse it’s wrapped in an outdated production and knowing the Belarusian’s flare for messing up the staging we reckon this will be completely chanceless, even in the weakest semifinal.

We wish ZENA could have been a little patient and waited a couple of years before debuting in ESC. Until she at least is old enough to drive a car, and to vote (or scratch that, we forgot she’s Belarusian). Maybe then she’d be mature enough to make her own decisions, exert some quality control and take charge. We get the feeling that the future ZENA won’t be too happy about what the people around her is about to orchestrate in Tel Aviv.

Don’t ask us why but ZENA’s promo pictures makes us crave a White Russian. (Photo by: BTRC)


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