Israel off the mark

Ok, we get it, Israel is not very keen on hosting the competition again next year. 

We suppose the Israeli were busy with quite a few other pressing tasks this year, and clearly, they have been more concerned about getting someone to sing during the interval act, than paying much attention to selecting their own entry.

We don’t quite know what to make of the entry defending the host country’s honor on home turf this year, and whether we should burst into laughter or tears. There’s just something about both the form and the content here that annoys us beyond reason. The second Kobi Marimi’s acutely slapable face shows up in the preview video we just want to smash something, like a lamp, or a knee. And when he starts singing with his most quivering voice, we start thinking about the concept of noise torture. We wouldn’t last long!

The hosts can wrap their hidden innuendos into thick layers of schmaltz all they want; we all know what this song *really* is about. And it’s not very becoming, we wish they could resist the temptation and just sing a nice little inoffensive ditty about peace and love. We much prefer the Danes singing “skuba duba dabda dididaj, I love you” when they played host to the competition a few years ago. Which was utterly ridiculous of course, but at least they did not come across as pompous and calculating, exploiting the setting for what it’s worth.

If we wanted the theatrics, we’d watch a West End show. Only most definitely not this one. So it’s probably for the best if we time our toilet break in the Grand Final right around number 14 in the running order.  

Kobi’s favorite pastime activities include running barefoot to the mountain tops and water hugging when it snows. We’re pretty sure you can get some medication for that, hon! (Photo by: Ronen Akerman)

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