Quiet is the new loud from Slovenia

Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl may seem quiet, but in this context they scream different.  

We’re not sure they realize what a circus they have signed up for and if they really are prepared for the invasion of squealing fanboys (and women twice their age with a Eurovision blog on the side), hunting them down for selfies come May in Tel Aviv. We hope they have booked a nice and relaxing stay in a meditation retreat on a remote island in the Pacific to recover afterwards. God knows we wish we could have done the same after a week’s shenanigans, instead of returning to the office and our real jobs.

We find it intriguing that a duo of such introvert and apparently non-attention seeking artists even consider entering the running towards taking part in one of the biggest and most popular entertainment shows broadcasted on live TV. And equally intrigued by that fact that the Slovenians ended up selecting Sebi to represent them in Tel Aviv. We realize that it’s more to this entry than what hits the ear at first listen. What appears to be tedious monotone muttering is surprisingly inviting at the same time.

There’s an authenticity to this entry which is so desperately lacking in many of their competitors, and this is something Slovenia can benefit from, especially with the juries and the voters back home that “doesn’t watch Eurovision”. This is the kind of entry all our self-proclaimed Eurovision hating friends would feel comfortable voting for. And surprise, surprise, there are quite a few of them, even on a Tuesday night.

In a sea of good old Eurovision madness, this entry will probably become our retreat island this year. A couple of run-throughs every morning to cure our hangovers and soothe our nerves after a night of Eurovision star stalking at Euroclub should do the trick!

Zala and Gašper practicing their selfie posing skills before they jet off to Israel. Let’s just say they’re not quite there yet. (Photo by: Ana Šantl)


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