Moje 1 for Serbia!

The last time Nevena Božović participated in the Eurovision Song Contest we gave her this review, and the only thing the participation earned her was a Barbara Dex award. Now she’s back to redeem herself and wow, what a brilliant comeback!

The Eurovision line-up is not complete without at least one big Balkan ballad and Serbia seldom fails to deliver. Some might argue that this particular genre has peaked and perhaps we’ll never see a Balkan ballad win again. But who said Eurovision is only about winning? Sure, it’s a competition and it’s great to score a victory. But it’s just as much about showing off your country’s musical traditions, cultural heritage and native language. Some countries take this more seriously than others, and Serbia has consistently scored better with this approach.

This year’s entry Kruna has all the hallmarks of the quintessential Balkan ballad, and we thoroughly love every bit of it. Nevena Božović is a fantastic vocalist, the camera loves her and even better, she is the woman behind both the lyrics and the composition. It was about time Željko Joksimović got his female peer!

We’d be absolutely flabbergasted if this does not sail safely into the final. 10 years ago, it might have scored a top 10, but we doubt this will happen in Tel Aviv. Unless we have underestimated the voters’ appetite for a proper, good old-fashioned larger than life Balkan ballad. In its category this is already a classic.

Upcycling tip from Nevena: making earrings out of old CDs. Photo by: Alek Živković 


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